Bondage & Discipline, Submission, S & M

On the Dungeon

By Master Rogelio

I waited patiently for her to enter the room. The lights were dim and the wooden floor was cool to my touch. The slightest breeze from the air conditioner played against my bare skin as I kneeled naked. My head bowed, my cock twitching just slightly. I prayed she would be pleased with me today. I knew it was her birthday and all I wanted to do was to see a smile spread slowly across her full lips.

I certainly didn't have to wait long. I listened as the sound of her heels clicked down the hall. Waiting for the door knob to turn felt like an eternity! I just wanted to see her, hear her. And then the door opened. She said nothing at first. I desperately wanted to raise my head to look at her in the eye. I just wanted to fixate my stare on any piece of her, but I know that Mistress Teal would not savor that.

"Hello, Pet". Her voice had a sense of play in it. The words weren't so much words as a giggle, perhaps the end of a laugh. "Oh my, my my!" she exclaimed. "Stand up!" she ordered. I immediately rose to my feet, my head bowed. What sounded like a giggle, burst into a boisterous laugh. "Have you tied a red bow around my cock? That's adorable! What a good Pet you are!" I beamed happily. "You may raise your eyes."

Oh finally! I took in all of her beauty. Standing tall in her stilettos she was a sight to behold. Her dark almond shape eyes had the glint of mischief in them. Dressed in a simple black skirt and a dark green corset, she stood smiling with a hand on her hip. The white flower behind her hair accented the dark waves of her hair. I had never felt so lucky before in my life.

"Mistress, I knew it was your birthday and I wanted you to know that I love being so devoted to you." She chuckled deeply.

"Oh Pet, that is very sweet of you indeed. But you can't give me something that I already have taken."

"I'm sorry Mistress. I just wanted-"

"Hush Pet. I do appreciate your thought. It was wise of you to remember my birthday, but I have something planned instead."

She attached a leash and collar around my neck and began to walk towards the St. Andrew's Cross. Without saying another word she began to tie me quite tightly to the cross. There I was, splayed out for her enjoyment. Every part of my flesh tingled.

"I'm removing the bow and tying you as I see fit."

She then began to use the red satin bow and tied up my cock and balls very snuggly. "There. That's much better." She then flicked my ball with her fingernail. The quickness of the pain surprised me. She simply smiled and began to flick and thump each of my balls to her enjoyment. All I could do was grit my teeth and try not to make a sound. I held my breath. She stopped long enough to stare directly into my wide eyes.

"Why are you not breathing? Stop holding your breath. You know you'll never get through what I have planned if you hold your breath."

I didn't dare ask her what she had planned. I knew it was only going to be something that pushed my limits further. Instead, all I could do was murmur,

"Yes, Mistress Teal".

"Good boy."

She then reached for a black riding crop. She gently tossed it from hand to hand. She was having fun making me watch her play with the device that would torture her cock and balls.

"Pick a number between 25 and 100."

"Umm…85. Yes, 85."

"Tsk, tsk tsk, you slaves never learn. I give you an option to take the light route and you don't. Ah well." She mocked me lightly. I love her sense of humor.

"However you know what 85 means. Count each of them. In fact, I would love to hear them in song form."

"Mistress, I don't know how to sing, I don't have a good voice, and I -"

"Stop it. I don't care if you don't know how to sing. Make something up." And with that she delivered the first of 85 painful blows to her cock and balls. My throat felt dry and the pain surging through my body made it so hard to sing each blow. But I did. My shaky baritone filled the air with each smack.

"Louder, Pet! Louder!" She urged me on, laughing gaily as my breathless song crackled in the air. With the final blow I sagged in my bondage, my throat dry and tired. My Mistress's cock and balls were throbbing and yet I couldn't help but still drip a bit. She gently squeezed the precum dripping onto her fingers.

"You made a mess. Clean it up. Open your mouth," she said while forcing her fingers into my mouth. My tongue did its best to clean her fingers of all of my mess.

"You're such a dirty slave boy aren't you?" I answered as best I could with her fingers still in my mouth. She removed her fingers and simply walked away from me. Where was she going? Had I displeased her so much that she would leave me tied there for an eternity?

"I have to wash my hands. Don't go anywhere…oh wait, you can't!" She laughed at her own joke and went to the restroom leaving me tied to the cross.

When she returned, she gently stroked my forehead and whispered in my ear, "I have a surprise for you."

"Mistress, what could it possibly be?"

She silently began to place cables around her cock and balls.

"You seem like you need a little shock." She had hooked the tens unit to me and began to turn it on. She adjusted the knobs fittingly. She increased the intensity slowly. Between every interval she paid great attention to my nipples.

"Pick a number between 10 and 50."

"30." Was I about to get 30 blows? Perhaps she would leave the tens unit on for 30 minutes?

"30 it is!" And she began to twist and pull my nipples to the point of exquisite pleasure. She began to count not just in a normal counting of 30 but placing "Mississippi" in between numerals. She would draw out each syllable of "Mississippi" while spacing each numeral out for ages. A normal 30 seconds felt double the time. And she increased the nipple pain intensely. I squirmed desperately wanting to leave the pain and yet embrace it at the same time. The currents of the tens unit rolling through my body and the nipple torture was amazing. Her touch while initially soft had hardened into a torture device all of its own. Finally, she reached 30.

"There. Breathe for me. You almost held your breath again." I breathed raggedly.

The sweat was just beginning to drop from my forehead. Mistress Teal took a step back and stared at me, her hands on her hips. She stood confidently, yet I could see she still was not satisfied.

"Again. But this time, I'm going to change it up a bit." She began to increase the tens unit again. I watched her as I stood limply tied to the cross. She swaggered into the bathroom and appeared with two toothbrushes. Without saying a word she brushed the tender and raw skin of my nipples. A serge of feeling shot through me. Mistress Teal made every hair on every inch of my body stand on end. She counted softly amidst my guttural sounds. Again, the counting ceased after 30. My nipples bled just the smallest bit. She turned off the tens unit. The room was silent except for the sound of my breath.

"Thank you Mistress. Thank you very much." They were the first words that came to mind, and the first I uttered.