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The New Scene From Old Creative Nurses

By Jon Sheen ( The Qlimax Times Magazine )
This Story are Create exclusive to the Dungeon of Donatella Den - All is fictitious

Two years ago I used these pages to introduce and name a new phenomenon on the NYC sex scene: "The Water Sports Spa". The name has stuck over the years. Looking back and researching, I dug out my article as then printed in The Qlimax Times for March of 1996 on page 33. It began: "There is a little noticed new phenomenon in the world of recreational sex which I call ‘water sports’ spas. These spas combine features previously available only in various unrelated services, thereby filling a niche which has long needed to be filled. They have great potential to satisfy anyone with a taste for enemas and irrigation’s, so this introductory article will serve as a primer about these spas and what they have to offer. For many of us anal erotics, they spell relief from the frustrations we’ve long encountered in trying to find the somewhat unique services we desire. Fundamentally, these spas provide various types of irrigation with various types of massage, taking a frankly sexual approach to each."

Until these spas arrived on the scene, the services they offered were scattered among three different kinds of facilities. One is the massage parlor, like the Oriental spas which provide table body shampoos. The second is the enema clinic, which is to be found only in the Los Angeles area, or the B&D house or nurse offering sophisticated enema services. The third is the holistic health agency offering colonic irrigation. The separation of these personal services prevented them from realizing their potential in pampering, stimulating, and satisfying the anal eroticism of many people who find pleasure in this sort of activity.


Water sports spas began to appear in New York City almost four years ago largely due to the growing interest in holistic/alternative health practices. I reviewed all seven of these spas and rated Deena first and Creative Nurses a close second. The very best of the spas combined the excitement of sophisticated clinical scenes with the pampering comfort of a health spa.

I revisited Creative Nurses, since they had always best represented the state-of-the-art in water sports spas. They were formerly located on East 31st Street, but they have now relocated to a new and larger facility and they share a clean building on the Avenue of the Americas by West 30th Street. They offered a variety of nurse role-play/fetish sessions, and I had previously enjoyed three of their skilled nurses: Shopia, Donatella, and Cricket. In visiting their new place I was also able to meet the newest member of their team: Dezi; and it was Dezi that I wanted to write about, because she is the best they have had. There are some nurses and mistresses elsewhere with greater clinical experience and skill, but I’ve never experienced anyone, from coast to coast, who so beautifully reaches the potential of these spas.

Dezi is a lovely sight in or out of her nurse’s uniform. She stands 5’2" tall, weighs about 130lbs and has a 34C bust. She appears as in her mid-twenties, and she has green eyes and long luscious auburn hair. Of important mention: privacy. This makes up one quality that Creative Nurses excels in as an offering to their clients. From beginning to end of 1½ hours in the facility, only Dezi came into sight. This forces a surprise when considering that Creative Nurses fills a very large multi-room system of chambers, possibly filling a whole floor.


For my session I chose one of the new medical rooms, which surpasses in both size and medical accouterments any others I have ever seen. This new exam chamber has a state-of-the-art, electrically controlled reclining exam chair. It is fully padded and more modern than most any doctor’s office has. The chair’s extreme versatility allows infinite positioning so that a paying victim can have all of his orifices exposed for erotic probing.

Fully illustrated anatomical charts and completely furnished white and glass medical cabinets fill the exam rooms. Safe, but onerous, electric apparatuses cull mentioning and the unusual toilet requires note. All rooms have sinks permitting the filling of enema bags within the room and all have bathrooms connected directly to the medical experimental chambers. Full size wall mirrors and ceiling mirrors surround the "patient". Some exam rooms have TV monitors, allowing one to view tapes from the chair.


Dezi and I discussed the session and she indicated to me that she does best when she extends my ideas into new areas. After my undressing, paying the tariff and positioning myself on the thick leather exam table, Dezi approached and commanded me to relax. "I want you in a state where you can feel every small touch to your body and where you can hear every whisper that caresses your ears."

This girl oozed sex by the very fact she knew how to address it with her charge. She began teasing me and I stretched my body to open it to her. Her initial ministrations alternately relaxed and stressed my body and these consisted of a very light, but thorough, brushing by her fingertips. Dezi tantalized me by discovering and touching my most sensitive areas. She skillfully touched my buttocks, anus, balls, and cock, using an exquisite teasing technique. When she realized that her exotic foreplay had reached the point where she had done her job, she applied some wet lubricant to my anus and my cock. She slowly and meticulously inserted a well-lubricated gloved finger into my rectum, swirling the tip of the digit to excite the inside of my colon. Noting, with pleasure, that I received her finger so readily, she added one then two more fingers to her softly erotic probing. Alternately, she would administer a fingertip massage between my waist and my knees, which raised my sensitivity to, and eagerness for, her touch to new heights.

At the appropriate time, Dezi reached for a rectal tube. She applied K-Y jelly liberally to it and began to insert it deftly through my rectum. After a bit of careful probing, she found the entrance to my colon and continued advancing the tube deeper into me. The tube was attached to an enema. This I had myself pre-filled to the temperature I liked, and it hung high on the stand next to the chair. With Dezi clicking the apparatus open and closed, while stroking my entire genital area with Wet, I slowly filled with warm water. I absorbed two full bags totaling about one gallon of liquid. From time to time, Dezi lightly massaged my abdomen to ensure a comfortable distribution of the water throughout my colon. I had chosen to use just plain water, though soap was available, in order to better enjoy the sensuously erotic stimulation of Dezi’s fingers and the water. After emptying my bowel in the convenient new bathroom directly across the hall, I returned to the exam table.


The warmth of Dezi’s soft hands as they touched my privates, returned me to the state of sensuous indulgence, in which I had previously languished. I watched in the throes of erotic anticipation as she picked up a chrome-plated steel speculum ("ass spreader"), coated it with K-Y, and gently inserted it into my rectum. She expanded its smooth blades within me and used the setscrews to lock it in place. Now, I laid fully open to her for a deep inspection. She moved the gooseneck lamp close enough to my butt to get a good view inside me. After pronouncing me healthy, she lubricated a dildo. She guided it through the opening provided by the speculum, and back into the deeper recesses of my rectum. She withdrew the dildo and replaced it with the rectal tube. I enjoyed the novel sensation of the tube penetrating my colon without first being felt in my rectum.

Finally, Dezi collapsed the speculum and withdrew it. She then coated her gloved hands with K-Y, placed one hand on my straining cock, and the other at my anus, and eased four fingers into my rectum. She began a highly erotic stroking of my cock, which she coordinated to intermittent probing of my rectum with her fingers. Without my realizing it, she soon had all five fingers inside me. After several minutes of this, I was in such ecstasy that I reached down, grasped my buttocks, and opened them wider. My act of sublime submission was rewarded as Dezi’s hand passed fully into my rectum and I erupted into a shower of semen.


I found Creative Nurses to represent a new state-of-the-art among NYC’s water sports spas. Dezi certainly helped the session reach its joyful Qlimax, but I can state that I have enjoyed the services of many of the other girls and I can state further that someone has supplied them with the best training in medical fantasy that the world can offer. Like the other girls, Dezi brought a talent to this scene that has long been missing and this included a skillful and truly erotic massage. Her initial moments starting the interlude, prepared the client to relax fully and to thereby realize optimal enjoyment from her skills. Only a bath could provide an equivalently relaxing beginning, but unlike her massage, a bath could not continue into the session itself. For me, her massage alone was worth at least half of the session fee. With her highly comforting approach to clinical sessions, Dezi was definitely the best choice for anyone new to such scenes. She was pleasant to be with and very feminine in an old fashioned way - demure and a bit reserved. She heard everything I told her about my likes and dislikes, and followed my wishes perfectly. Furthermore, she made her enjoyment of her activities obvious throughout the session, enhancing my enjoyment of her.

Creative Nurses operates between the hours of 11:00am and 12.30am and their session fee is per generous hour. Note, however, that Claire’s availability is Monday through Wednesday or Thursday from 11a to 5:30p. But, let me restate: any of the other girls can and do produce sessions like Dezi, and I suspect that this is due to excellent training. Incidentally, for an establishment this good, you need a good nearby restaurant for a fine dinner prior to or after your session. Try Piccolins at 8 East 36th Street, which is just east of 5th Avenue. It’s an Italian restaurant open from lunch on, with a good selection of wines by the glass and featuring a large selection of pastas.