Bondage & Discipline, Submission, S & M

Nursed Back to Hell

By Donatella Den

I could have sworn I had seen her before. I was so distracted that I didn't see the car and ! walked right into it. It wasn't moving, it was parked, but I was walking fast enough that when I caught the sharp corner right in my groin, I let out a little yell and dropped to the ground. You know the pain you get when you accidentally hit your scrotum? You know, when the pain rises up your spine to your mouth and you have to yell. Any guy who has ever had this happen to them, knows what I'm talking about. The worst thing is, the pain doesn't hit t right away, It takes a few agonizing seconds before it actually starts to creep. It's funny, you always think," oh, it's not so bad," but then you remember that you just hit your nutsack and the excruciating pain is most definitely on its way. And then, right on schedule, you feel it coming, up the spine, into your throat uuuuuuuuuuuuughghowwwwwwwwyouwannadie!!!.

Well this was one of those incidence. 1 dropped to my knees and clutched at my groin. Meanwhile I know she must have turned around because of the sound I made when I hit the car. I lay on the tar and prepared myself for the pain onslaught and then there were the white nurses shoes ,right in front of me. I looked up through squinting eyes and her hair glistened in the light. She bent down. She bent down so close that I couldn't decide what to look at first. My eyes crossed. Her breasts spilled over the edges of the white bra she wore underneath her nurses dress. Her blouse was opened just enough and exaggerated by the fact that she was kneeling down ....and as she knelt, her skirt rose above the tops of her white stockings revealing the white garter belt holding them up. I would swear that she was deliberately showing me her starched white panties, as she kept her legs spread wide. I think this is when I started drooling. As if she knew that there was no sense in asking me to move until the wave of pain had passed, she knelt there, white panties and all, holding my hand, telling me that It was going to be all right. When the pain subsided enough, she helped me to my feet and asked if I was sure that I was 4. K. and if I wanted to come up to the" office" and have her look me over just to make sure. I couldn't believe it! I hit pay dirt. ! agreed that was a good idea and we started down the block at her direction. We walked about a block and a half and she turned to me and said,

"You know, I am going to give you quite an exam, I wouldn't want you to be wounded because of me."

She turned and opened a nondescript door to the building on the corner. I followed her up the stairs, my eyes riveted to her long shapely legs. She opened a door at the landing and we went inside. It was a doctors office!! I thought she was taking me to her apartment!! She shows me into one of the examination rooms and sells me to disrobe and the doctor would be with me in a minute. I couldn't believe it again. I mean wasn't she flirting with me all the way here? She knew that I walked into that car because I was distracted by her. What was this about "the doctor will see you in a minute"? I thought for sure we were going to get t on. I started to take off my clothes but stopped with my shirt still on but unbuttoned. Just then the door opened. I turned to be greeted by a hard slap in the face. I saw stars as I turned my head to face who had administered this blow and as I did I heard a voice female and d"Get on your knees you worthless piece of shit!! Weren't you told to strip and await the arrival of the doctor? Well the doctor is IN!! I see that you have merely been contemplating this order and certainly you have not proceeded very far. now get those clothes off scumbag. before 1 rip them from your body and burn them in front of you and roast your nuts over the fire!!"

My face ached where she had cold cocked me and her voice burned my ears but I feared for my life. I looked up to see this goddess. towering over me. with hair shining in the light. I quickly started to get out of my garments and as I did so she barked out...

"I have been told by my assistant that you were ogling her and that is why you walked into a car severely iniurina yourself in the orina area. Then she proceeded to tell me that when she came over to aid you that you quite blatantly looked up her skirt and down her blouse. Is that any way to treat a member of the nursing profession?"

I started to answer but was cut off by the nurse who had brought me there as she entered the room and locked the door behind her.

"He certainly wasn't grateful. I don't think he even thanked me."

She waled over and swatted , my now bare, ass. Doctor told me to get on the examination table and they both strapped me down. My arms, my legs, and my head. I was in such a daze and so turned on by these women in their sexy whites that I didn't dare stow the proceedings. Doctor removed her lab coat revealing the most perfect breast that I have ever seen. She walked over and started to pinch my nipples while the nurse checked my heartbeat with a stethoscope How" he doing?"

"Fine, everything appears to be responding as it should."

Doctor slid the end of the table in so now my ass was at the end of it and refastened my feet to stirrups. My legs were spread wide. I started to breathe harder and Nurse noted this. Doctor told me that they were urine to test my "timing". To make sure that nothing was damaged in the accident. I was going to masturbate and make myself cum in a certain amount of time and then my sperm would be analyzed. Nurse removed one of my hands from the shackle and ordered me to start stroking my now swollen cock. I did as I was told and as I did so she removed her panties.

"Are these what you were so keen to see out there on the street? Well take one more look."

She moved closer with the thin material hanging from her thumb and forefinger. She kept moving closer. Now she was too close. now she was stuffing them in my mouth!! She laughed as I stroked my self harder and gasped through her underwear. I could taste her juice and I could feel my self ready to go any second. They both laughed as they flaunted their exquisite bodies in front of me as I worked my self stiffer and stiffer. Doctor produced some surgical clamps and started to fasten them to my balls! I could feel the weight of them pulling my skin. More were attached to my nipples and my body trembled as I neared my orgasm.

"Right on time. Good boy, on the count of three I want you to cum in this vial for me. One, two ...three. My body shook violently as I came, the metal of the clamps clanging against the table ............ all I remember next is passing out ....... or did I wake up?