Bondage & Discipline, Submission, S & M

My First day

by Mistress Dakota

It was my first day at Donatella Den's Dungeon and I wasn't sure what to expect. Although I'd dabbled in the BDSM world in my personal life I hadn't done anything even remotely like it professionally. I arrived and
was ushered through three doors before being deposited on the doorstep of the Dommes' lounge. The lounge is a small room, ten by twelve at most, and it was buzzing with activity. The right wall is covered in mirrors and each one opens to a locker. A rainbow of stockings spilled out of the cubby wholes and lacey bras were hanging from corners everywhere. There were sexy stilleto heels strewn about the floor, and three girls in varying states of undress were talking loudly. On the opposite wall is a black leather couch and I plopped down, feeling out of sorts for a moment with all these slightly intimidatingly beautiful women.

The girls soon take notice of me and started introducing themselves. There is Lady Alicia, a slender black Domme with amazing nipples that always seem to be erect, wearing black striped stockings with a red bow at the tops, just below her firm round ass. Her smile lit up the room and she set me at ease immediately. Mistress Rose is a voluptuous Latina Domme with beautiful flowing hair and curves anyone could get lost in. Her sultry voice made me grin as she told me not to be nervous. Mistress Clairesse is tall, and even taller in the black stilletos she was still wearing from the medical session she had just finished. She gave me a cool apraising look that let me know I had to prove myself before she deemed me worthy to befriend.

I felt like I was in heaven here, I'd always loved powerful women, and here I was, surrounded by them! They told me that my training would consist of me pairing with them during some of their sessions so I could learn the ropes (pun intended) and then venture out to do my own sessions once I felt comfortable. I thought it couldn't get any better when the most gorgeous blonde walked through the door naked, her pouty red painted lips make me lick mine in anticipation, all words escaped me as I stared at her tanned curvaceous 5'10" frame. Her soft sexy voice rolled over me like honey but she was gone again before I could introduce myself. "Who is THAT?" I asked the other girls. "That's Marlena," Rose amswered, "she's one of the highest paid Dommes here." "I can see why," I said, trying hard not to gush, but my face must have showed it because the other girls laughed at me.

Time passed slowly as I waited for a chance to train and soon Marlena came bounding back wearing a pink garter attached to sexy baige stockings, her large breasts bouncing with her. "Are you new?" "Yeah," I stammered, "Do you think I could come session with you to learn some things?" "Sure, no problem!" She flashed me her big smile and I felt like I was blushing all the way to my toes. I slipped into my Domme gear, black stilletos and stockings, leather mini skirt, black corset, and followed her blonde ponytail down the hallway to the blue dungeon. As we walked she told me about the session ahead, and I tried hard to focus while I stared at her delicious ass ahead of me. She told me this client liked to be fisted and they were experimenting with sounds. She had already been working with him for a half hour at this pont, so when I walked in he was ready for me, blindfolded, naked, laying on his back on the black leather bed. "Are you ready to meet Mistress Dakota?" Marlena asked, as she hopped up on the bed with him. "Yes Mistress Marlena" he said, and she pulled off his blindfold. I smiled nervously and said hello, watching as Marlena started to spread the lube onto his anus. As she worked her fist into his stretched asshole he growled in pleasure,"Oh, Mistress Marlena," he moaned.

After a few minutes of that she looked up at me, "are you ready Dakota?" her big brown eyes searched my face, and I gave her a big smile and nodded. She pulled her hand out, and her client let out a sigh of relief.

I walked over, slipped off my stilletos and climbed onto the bed between his legs after she got up. After putting gloves on I start to lube up my hand and Marlena excused herself for a moment to get the sounds she planned to use on our client, who introduces himself as Jack. While she's gone I worked my fingers into his puckered hole and with each additional finger I slip in he groans with pleasure. I gathered my fingers together for the final plunge and slowly worked my whole hand into his ass, pushing past the sphinter until the spasms of his ass actually pull my whole hand in up to my wrist. He growled in delight as I rotated my hand around and made a fist inside, the walls of his colon gripping my hand tightly. I throw his right leg over my shoulder to make it more comfortable for him, "thank you Mistress Dakota" he moaned to me.

Marlena entered back into the room with a silver case of sounds and stops to admire the scene. "Looks like you're slipping into this role rather well Dakota. And look at you Jack, you're such a good little ass slut. Is her fist as big as mine?" Jack sucked air through his teeth at this, "yes Mistress Marlena, her fist feels wonderful." Marlena started setting up for the sounds as I worked my fist deeper into Jack's ass, rotating it around until I see him squirm and I can feel his sphincter tighten around my wrist. After applying sanitized lube to the first sound Marlena slowly slid the large end into the opening at the tip of Jack's penis. He gasped in ecstacy as she let gravity take the rod deep into his urethra. After sliding it in all the way she worked it up and down in sinc with my fist rotating in his ass, before he really starts to enjoy it she pulls it out and gets the next size up. She continues like this, working up in size, and with each larger gauge he starts to grunt and growl louder, his hands at his sides clenching and unclenching. Once Marlena worked up to the largest size she reaches up to stroke his hair. "Alright Jack, we're going to do a cathedar now, are you ready for it." "Yes Mistress Marlena, anything you say Mistress Marlena," he answers obediently. She slips the cathedar out of it's packaging and he watches as she applies more sanitary lube to the tubing. "Alright Jack," her sexy red lips purse into a smile as she reaches for his penis. I keep my fist still inside him as she deliberatly slides the tube in slowly, watching in delight as he grits his teeth and squeezes his eyes shut. She grabs the stainless steel pan to catch his urine, and as she continues working it further in I stare in wonder at how far it's entering his urethra. "I can feel it in my bladder," he grunts. "Not just yet Jack," she says gently, sliding it in farther and rubbing his stomach with the other hand. Finally it hits the seal and urine starts running out the other end of the tubing, slowly at first, but picking up pace as it goes. After one last push his bladder is empty, and Marlena slowly works out the tubing. "Very good Jack," she coos to him,"are you ready for me to pour it on you?" He nods vigorously, looking trustingly into her eyes,"Yes, please Mistress Marlena." "You may touch yourself now, Dakota, start rotating your fist again, working in and out slowly, but don't pull out too far." This time I'm the one obediently nodding, eyes wide as she takes the bowl into her hands and stands straddling Jack on the table wearing only stockings and a garter. She tilts the pan, starting at his face and slowly starts to pour it on his face. Jack in the mean time has taken his penis into his right hand and is working at it rapidly. Previously flaccid it becomes erect quickly as the warm urine slowly trickls down the sides of his face, neck, and then onto his chest and stomach. His cries of ecstasy fill the room as I work my fist around in his ass, feeling it start to spasm as he nears orgasm. Just as the last of the pee is trickling onto his hands and cock he cries out in ecstacy, his ass gripping my hand like a vice, and ejaculates his sticky obedient sentiments onto his groin and stomach, eyes wide and locked into Marlena's. We sit there for a moment, letting him recuperate for a moment, his beathing still heavy, his heart beating hard against my fist from the inide. "Thank you Mistress Marlena." She smiles in response and dismounts the table. "Your welcome you dirty little butt slut." I slowly slide my hand out and as the last of my fingers work out he lets out a deep sigh and relaxes his legs. "And thank you Mistress Dakota, with Marlena training you..." a smile spead across his face as he pauses to catch his breath, "just know you're in good hands." Marlena rolls her eyes at this and helps me peel off my glove as I stand. "Thank you for your assistance Mistress Dakota, we should session together again sometime." I stare into her intoxicating eyes,"Anytime", I say, a wide grin spreading across my face.

As I walked back to the lounge after helping her clean I couldn't get the smile off my face. Mistress Rose sees me as I walk out and asks excitedly how it went. "Great! I think I'm going to like this job," I say, giggling, "and it's only the first day!"