Bondage & Discipline, Submission, S & M

Mistress Lola's Little Whore

Lola my muse. Lola my temptress. Lola my torturer! Mistress Lola: The most exquisite, enchanting, exhausting femme fetale I have ever encountered! She is my earthly Goddess! Just the sound of her name makes my cock salute; makes my whole body tremble with anticipation! Aaahhh Lola!!!

As a submissive male, I've indulged my penchant for ladies' fine feet upon several dungeon stomping grounds. Those first foot worshipping forays were fun. But after a while I grew bored with the same type of scene! They say variety is the spice of life. Right? So I guess I'm a thrill seeker when it comes to S&M. After a while, I realized that sucking toes for an hour wasn't all I wanted to explore. I desired to reflect upon the dark, fetishistic facets of my sexual psyche. I wanted low-down, kinked-up, tramped-out, filthy, perverted fun! What I really needed was a Mistress who could compel me to break taboos; to find my inner slut; to GET OFF!

I had never been to the Dungeon of Donatella Den. Before scheduling my session, I checked out the dungeon's website and noted they have many beautiful dommes of all descriptions on staff. Since I was still not sure exactly which Mistress to session with, I decided it best to consult with each domme personally.

The dungeon facility was a pleasant surprise in every way! I was greeted at the door by a friendly receptionist. She then led me to a well-equipped dungeon chamber which had a bathroom and full shower. The whole room was immaculately maintained. The receptionist gave me a questionnaire about my S&M interests and limitations. When I was done filling out my form, the Mistresses came in one by one. They were all quite lovely and very informative. The search for my Mistress ended, however, when Lola walked into the room.

Mistress Lola looks like my idea of a quintessential dominatrix: both sexy and ferocious! She is slender but voluptuous; has long, black hair, alabaster skin and gorgeous, green eyes that sparkle with mischief. Of course I was bewitched by her unusual beauty! However, being a foot and leg worshipper, what caught my attention most were her shapely stems clad in vintage-style stockings (the kind with those tantalizing seams up the backs!) secured by lace garters. Her open-toed stilettos revealed toenails gleaming like red, polished gems beneath the sheerness of her stockings. I knew I could never forget a face and body like hers- especially with such suckable toes!

In fact, I found the allure of her enchanting toes so intense that I dropped to the floor on all fours to be close to them.

Offering my most submissive pose, I implored, "Please, Mistress, may I kiss your feet?"

"No," she said.
"May I lick the soles of your shoes then?" I begged.
Mistress Lola only laughed at me.
"I'm amused by your requests, you eager little slut, but I'm afraid I've not yet determined your worthiness. Let's not waste our pre-session consultation time together."
"Tell me what you're here for," she continued. "There are soooo many fun dungeon games and toys! What do you want? What can you take? What kinds of dirty, kinky, slutty little fantasies drive you wild?!"

I explained that I was interested in someone who could make me squirm psychologically. I guess what I REALLY wanted was to be turned-out like a little whore. Lola's intense presence made me so nervous that it was hard to vocalize my desires! "I've been spanked, flogged and nipple-clamped," I said, "But I'm not into extreme pain. I think I'd like to try something new….."

Forced feminization had been an intense curiosity of mine ever since one domme dressed me in stockings with a garter belt. She'd said it was only fitting (since I love ladies' stockings so much!) that I be forced to wear them. She was right! I adored it! The Mistress also attired me in a pair of little, pink, lacey panties. Boy did my bulging package look silly!

"My ultimate fantasy," I told Mistress Lola, "Is to be TOTALLY dominated! I want to feel completely helpless and submissive--even humiliated! I will do anything you ask of me, Mistress!"
"Anything, slut??!" she said, drawing out the words with emphasis!
Now Lola's eyes were really sparkling! Her luscious mouth arched into a broad, lecherous grin.
"Anything indeed!"
"You've said the magic words," Lola crooned. "I want to role-play with you! I promise that you'll be COMPLETELY submissive, just as you've requested! In fact, if you play your cards right, you'll be the luckiest slut in town and make all the other little tramps jealous! You'll see!" she said cryptically, leaving the room.

When Lola reentered, she carried an absurdly large bundle of garments, gadgets, toys, wigs and implements. It was clear to me that I was in for a startling session. Had I not already fallen for Lola's intimidation and enchantment, I might have started laughing my ass off when I realized what our role-play was about.

"You insolent girl," she thundered, gesturing towards me. "Take off those tattered rags immediately! My gentleman callers will not tolerate you looking like trash from the gutter where I found you!"
"Yes, Mistress," I said.
"Don't 'Yes Mistress' me!" she ordered as I looked at her incredulously.
"I am Madame Lola, the benefactress who scooped you up off the streets like a filthy, little rag doll!"
Apparently I was not undressing fast enough for "Madame Lola", because she leaped upon me and started yanking off clothes.
"Hurry up!" she scolded. "The gentlemen cannot wait all evening. They're here for fresh meat…. And that means YOU!"

As she launched around the room grabbing garments and wigs, I was amazed by her energy and intensity. In no time at all, Mistress Lola had stretched, squeezed, shoved, laced and fastened me into a baffling array of ladies' apparel. Perhaps even more impressive was her ongoing tirade. In fact, her speech throughout our session was one of the most ridiculous and powerful soliloquies I've ever witnessed. I swear, she didn't miss a beat! Our role-play was more bizarre, kinky and fun than anything I'd ever experienced. These are the roles we assumed:

She became "Madame Lola": The proprietress of a whorehouse. She was money-hungry, strict, bossy, abusive, unflinching and unyielding.

I became "Jezebel": Madame Lola's new recruit; an unfortunate orphaned waif adrift upon the tempestuous seas of cruel fate.

Our scene involved Madame Lola attempting to transform Jezebel from a street urchin into a scarlet lady of the night. Madame Lola expected Jezebel to turn tricks in her brothel as the plot thickened.

I was feeling a little bit silly, but also intrigued and aroused. Her hands flew all over my body fastening small buttons and clips. This was definitely FORCED feminization! Lola actually pinned me down to apply makeup. One hand held my head firmly in place by the throat. Her words and breaths were in my ear driving me crazy! Applying lipstick and gloss, she told me she couldn't wait to see my lips wrap around the shaft of her cock. She said she was going to give me lessons!

When dress-up time was over, Mistress Lola ordered me to go look at myself in the mirror. I hobbled over to the mirror because I could barely walk in my high-heels. When I gazed into the looking glass, I was suprised by what I saw! The many layers of wig, clothes and cosmetics made me look like a different person. My Mistress had outfitted me with nude, thigh-high stockings, a red garter belt and red, satin thong panties. She used latex medical tubing to separate my testicles and tie off my penis. This method of binding created twin, vulva-like mounds and a swollen, erect member (which Lola kept referring to as my "overgrown clitty)! I was also wearing a tawdry, red dress and long, platinum blonde wig. She even fashioned a "boob-job" with a cupped brassier and two water-filled rubber glove "implants". What dramatic flare! If she were not such an excellent Mistress, I'd definitely suggest that Lola pursue acting. I got a big kick out of just listening to her rant.

She told me that I was an ungrateful little strumpet; a waste of her time and money. She said she planned to peddle my pussy to earn back her investment.

"Your boob-job and fine clothes have cost a pretty penny," complained Madame Lola vehemently. "Now it's time for payback!"

She pushed me towards the door.

"Remember. Your pink parts belong to me," she cautioned. "Now MOVE!!!"

It was so hard to walk in my shoes and tight clothing that she literally had to drag me out into the hallway. I had no idea what was in store. Once outside, we were joined by several other dommes. Mistress Lola pulled up my dress for them to see. She made the others laugh by pointing at my ridiculously bound, swollen cock and commenting that I must have elephantitus of the clitoris. She told the other dommes that it was their duty to abuse me in preparation for the hard-knocks I'd suffer as a prostitute. Then she ordered me to do a strip-tease for their amusement. I tried to gyrate and thrust my pelvis, but the shoes made it difficult.

"Dance!" shouted Lola. "You look like an amoeba! Maybe this will get you moving!!!"

She plugged in a violet wand and started shocking by buttocks and feet. That sure did get me moving! However, still not fast enough for Madame Lola. "Jezebel," she blared, "You are an impudent, graceless slut! It makes me ill to watch you trip and flail around like somebody with Down's syndrome!"

Next, Mistress Lola pinned me to the floor and actually tore my dress off. I was amazed once again by her physical strength and agility. The other Mistresses were all pointing and jeering. When she stood, Lola was towering over me. One by one, she unfastened her garters and removed her stockings and shoes. As she spoke to me, she drifted her lovely, well-marinated stockings over my face so I could breathe in her toes' funky, sweet essences.

"NOW you're going to show me how you'll make my money, young Jezebel," she said. "Since you lack grace and beauty, you're going to have to be an extra good whore." My eyes opened wider as she loomed above me donning her strap-on. The other dommes twittered with cruel laughter.

"I'm going to familiarize you with the fine art of fellatio, little pet. However, before I consider you worthy of my phallus, you'll have to demonstrate how well you can SUCK!"

Lola shoved her foot in my mouth and I sucked away passionately. Mmmmm! What delicious toes my Mistress has! Being a foot man, I naturally adored this part. After a lengthy, flavorful toe suckling and foot licking, Mistress Lola pronounced me worthy of her strap-on. I was in rapture! She gave it to me by straddling my face, parting my lips with the shaft and thrusting away with vigor.

Although my sword swallowing was eager, my lack of felatio talent gave her an endless arsenal of insults. The other dommes seemed quite amused by her indefatigable thrusting and belittling. Some of them were mocking and emasculating me. Others were shouting encouragements and pointers. All were pointing and giggling with glee. It was quite an experience!

Lola was obviously having a marvelous time at the center the melee. She reamed my face like a big-dick porn-star, thrusting from every which way! In fact, she wouldn't let up until I'd received a very comprehensive lesson in Deep Throat!

When she was finally satisfied I'd done enough sucking, she ordered me to thank the other dommes who were our audience. Then she dragged me back into our dungeon chamber to continue my "lessons". What happened next were some of my wildest dildo-training fantasies in the flesh! Suffice to say that Mistress Lola turned out to be the real deal : A totally fierce, ferocious femme fetale!