Bondage & Discipline, Submission, S & M

I felt so lucky to be on my knee before Her

By Donatella Den

Royal Highness, The Supreme Mistress Beatrice and was in a euphoric state of bliss as I gazed at Her perfectly peticured toes. What an honor it was to be told.... ordered to kiss those pretty, pretty toes; one at a time and taking my time, I diligently worship Her glorious feet with all my heart. ( talk about starting from the ground up ! ) It had literally taken me month's to build up enough courage to call Mistress and book an appointment and I was very nervous, but really wanted to meet this drop dead gorgeous woman of power. This was much better than any fantasy and now I was in a dream like world, when the Mistress's lovely hand met my warm cheek. !! Smack, Smack!!!

Mistress pouted and demanded " Get that stupid looking smirk off your ugly face! "

" Yes Mistress, Thank You! " I eagerly replied as my cock steadily grew bigger and harder.

Mistress Beatrice was so beautiful, I just wanted to crumble at Her precious feet, and couldn't help but gaze at Her in total admiration. I was instantly mesmerized by Her deep soft brown eye's, and was taken quite aback by Her mere overwhelming presence; Her perfect lip's made my slave head spin and Her lovely chest made me speechless, to say the least. There was no one I could compare Her to.... and that was the problem, She was far too beautiful and my will was far too weak to compare against Her Royal Majesty. I could hear, as if it where far off in the distance, Her high heel's clicking against the wooden floor as Ms Beatrice slowly and deliberately circled me like Her prey, steely eyed and steady, ready to pounce on Her unsuspecting victim.

Lost in my thoughts of surreal wonder, I was awakened once again by the sting of Her Royal Hand on my cheek.

" Your such a low life fucking loser and everyone know's it. Look how your dick get's harder and harder the worse I treat you.... isn't that right bitch?! "

When I failed to answer quick enough She really...really SmaCked me good and hard, right across the face and said, " isn't that right you pathetic little Bitch !? "

" Yes Mistress Yes, it's so true I'm a stupid fucking loser, a little fucking bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ms. Beatrice simply laughed at me and decided it was maybe time to really start taunting and teasing me. She brushed Her firm, big breast's across my face and lightly blew in my ear.

"Such a pretty toy... "

Mistress purred as She tenderly ran Her finger's through my hair. Gently, Her finger's danced over my chest causing goose bump's and a beautiful feeling rushed through my body. Mistress than used my back as Her Royal seat and thought silently for a moment. Mistress started to move around; She said that She was trying to find the right spot and get comfortable and that my back made a terrible throne and that I had better do something special to make it up or I'd pay. The heat from Her leg's and backside where sending my ability to reason into a tailspin, so I kept silent and Just when I thought I'd burst, Mistress abruptly got up and walked across the room

Statuesquely standing in front of the cage, Mistress challenged my manhood, " you have no will power little worm and if I snapped my finger's you'd do anything to amuse me; you would, I know you would, you have no choice, do you?! "

Already defeated, I lowered my head and bending slightly over with one hand on Her cage door, the glorious Ms Beatrice chimed.

"Crawl over here and worship my ass, ass kisser. Let's go you sick little perv, and show Mistress what a weak willed pathetic loser you are. " I of course crawled across the floor happy to give Her my dignity

" Mistress Beatrice..." I slobbered, " You have the hottest, sweetest, tightest, divinest ass on the face of the planet and it would be any slave's greatest honor to have the position of crawling behind Her Royal Highness and attending to Your every need. Your beautiful ass should be worshipped and showered with kisses, always."

I sincerely said as I began to kiss Her fabulous hiney and as She knowingly smiled down at me, She quite frankly stated, " I told you so !!! See I told pathetic loser. say it asshole, tell Mistress Beatrice what a pathetic fucking loser you are.

" In fact, I really did feel like a pathetic loser, so I sincerely confessed to Mistress what a pathetic excuse for a slave I was and how I totally felt like a loser because I really, really like it and got off on it when Mistress Beatrice walked all over me and treated me like a second hand piece of dirt. I poured my submissive little heart to Her and let Her know all my weaknesses so She could exploit them and take advantage of me.

Mistress never let up, but started to bully me even more. " Tell me what as lutty little whore you want to be for ME...." Mistress was standing so close to me, there was no space between us and as She spoke, I could feel Her Spittle hitting my face; I loved it and while I simultaneously coward in Her Glorious Presence, She started to smAck me around demanding answer's and satisfaction.

I was becoming extremely more and more intimidated and was really doing my best to give or do anything Mistress wanted, but I alway's seemed to fall short. Mistress Beatrice ordered me to kneel in front of Her. " Close your eye's, and you better not peek or i'll whip you till you bleed!! " I could feel Her writing something with.............lipstick??................. what was it, o.....f Ms..." Go ahead slime, go take a look at my beautiful art work in the mirror. " As i opened my eye's She said simply, " you may thank ME. " "

Thank You from the bottom of my pathetic heart!!! " I subserviently said.

Well, I didn't have to look in the mirror to know that She had wrote, PROPERTY OF MISTRESS BEATRICE " on me with a smiley face under it, but I really liked the way She wrote it across my chest. " Now crawl across the room on your hand's and knee's, bend yourself over the horse, and make yourself available for a beating, because I really want to beat you good and mark my word's, I will take you down a peg little boy and teach you a lesson you will not soon forget. Now get that slave ass primed and ready for a beat fest. " Mistress sternly ordered.

Stand on your tippy toes you stupid little pussy boy and shake that cute little ass like a little girl in heat you smutty fucking whore ! " !!sMaCK, WhaCk!!! I felt Her hand make contact with my rump and I let out a little groan. Ten time's on each cheek with Her bare Hand and I think Her hand was as warm as my ass, when She picked up and switched Her assault to a leather strap. I jumped when I heard the first, "
CRAcK!!! " against my waiting ass, but I leaned into it anyway. The beating continued and slowly became faster... and harder till I was moaning and writhing and shouting....OUCH oh Thank You Mistress Thank Y....OUCH!!!!! ohhhhhhhhh , Mistress You Own meee ohh..." i was beside myself with lust and was having a hard time trying to control myself, so I did my best to let go and go with it. Mistress Beatrice just steadily kept beating my back and thigh's and ass and kept reminding me that I was Her's, Her Personal Property and that she would do with me as She pleased and would beat me as much and as often as She ' felt fuckin like it ' I don't think i've every seen anything as sexy as Mistress holding that riding crop in Her dangerous tiny hand, the deadly crop cutting and swoshing through the air, and Mistress Beatrice giggling at the thought of my up coming whipping. Her unbelievably cute ass, was screwing up my concentration and Her word's were getting lost in that beautiful fragrance that smelled so good against Her soft glowing olive skin. It was then; when She caught me off guard, when my mind wandered, that Mistress began Her deadly assault. She hit the inside's
of my ass cheek's, the outside, all around my thigh' was a blur.

Caught between realities, one being intoxicated on Mistress Beatrice's awesome all consuming beauty and grace and the other on the terrible pain that was being inflicted on my whole back and body.
Mistress had me face Her and asked if I liked it when She abused me. Eagerly, I shook my head up and down and profusely Thanked Her for using a pathetic worm like me, and what an honor it was, over and over again until my Princess bitch slapped me and told me to, " Shut up ! I'm growing bored of your pathetic groveling ! you know... " my glorious Mistress said, " your very, very lucky to be used.... or should I say mis-used by me; do you think that sound's conceded ? " She coylly asked.

" Oh no Mistress no ! You are perfect in every way and I really truly do feel honored to be kneeling at Your Royal Feet. I love Your Royal abuse and will beg and grovel for as much as You can dish out. Please Mistress please... " and I became very sincere, " if it please's Mistress, please use me in what ever fashion You might see fit. " You know what I want and what I need and that's to be serving the elustreous Mistress Beatrice and to attend to any and all of Her want's, whim's, need's and desire's. Mistress come's first and what She want's is what's really the most important thing; to be at Her beck and call and to give Her all of my attention, because She demand's it.

" Shout the fuck up you stupid twerp, " raged Mistress, " your such a wimp ! you really have made me mad worm!!! you keep whimpering and whining like a little doggie. A little fucking puppy dog. Crawl on all four's moron and act like an excited little puppy. Do it. DO IT FUCKING KNOW. !!!! Come on puppy beg, stand on your hind leg's and beg. Does puppy want a treat? " Mistress teasingly asked. I shook my head yes and stuck my tongue out like a dog, lost in the moment and unashamed of my desire. " Wag your tail doggy, let Mistress see you beg like the little puppy you are. " I shook my ass for all it was worth, and panted like a thirsty puppy dog. " Is my puppy thirsty ? " said the beautiful Mistress Beatrice. Of course I nodded wildly, " Yes, yes ! " Ms B softly said, " Open your mouth ..." Obeying Mistress, I opened my mouth. Her lip's were sooo full and soft and Her nose was pug and oh so cute and I watched as She gathered up a good amount of spit in Her mouth and She leaned in close to me and spit right in my mouth. I savored it like a thirsty man and was in ecstasy as I felt more spit hitting my face, then my chest...and ohhhh, She spit right on my coCk. " Hmmmm, " said Mistress, what can we wash that down with... do you have any idea's puppy?! " Mistress teasingly asked.

Mistress Beatrice felt that I didn't entertain Her properly and that I didn't put on a good enough show for Her, so my reward would be to beg to serve as Her Royal Highnesses Personal Toilet. I found myself flat on my back, with my head in a toilet and I was begging, " Please oh please use me as Your Personal Royal Toilet Mistress Beatrice Please piss on my face. " Mistress peeked through Her leg's and told me to be a good boy and to catch every drop. I had never drank ' the golden juice ' before but Mistress had me on the rope's and I was ready to jump out of the window for Her. It was then I felt Her golden nectar start to hit my lip's, so I opened my mouth and drank. For a minute I was doing O.K. but then She let it really flow and I couldn't keep up. I drank most of Her Royal Highnesses golden juice but the rest hit my face and got my hair all wet. Mistress demanded I get dressed and if I wanted to cum, I could do it at home with the smell of Her piss on my face and in my hair. She laughed at me when I was about to leave and said, " your such a slut, bow your head.

" She demanded. Mistress than spit in my hair and said that was Her way of blowing a wad in my hair, just like I probably did to girl's when I was younger. I Thanked Her; She spit in my face and pushed me out the door.