Bondage & Discipline, Submission, S & M

Laidie M storie

By Laidie M

Greetings Laidie M,

"on my knees, eyes humbly lowered, in utmost respect"

i'm a lowly slave seeking an extremely sadistic and merciless Mistress to see on a regular basis for a long term contract for complete slavery and sissy slut training. i offer myself in mind, body, hearth, and soul as the most humble and devoted of slaves to a Wonderful Supreme Lady. i know i was born to be a true slave, living only to please and serve my Mistress all the days of my life, each minute of my existence will be devoted to Her. That is why i am seeking the perfect Mistress for my true and absolute slavery and training, and i believe that Mistress is You, Laidie M.

i wish to devote all of the excess time in my life to serve You Mistress, to take care of Your every need, to fulfill Your every wish. i will obey each and every one of Your commands and wishes, especially your cruelest and most humiliating commands. my life will be focused to make sure that You are happy and well served Laidie M. All my being will belong to You, as Your most humble, loyal and slutty slave. Every minute of my existence will be used to make You happy, to make sure all of Your needs are satisfied, as well as the needs of all the other Mistresses at the dungeon under Your command.

i will live to be forcibly feminized by Your cruel hands, then humiliated, whipped, caned, flogged, and to be made bleed for You. I will live for this savage torture just to please Your most sadistic desires and see that devilishly cruel smile for Yours crawl across Your gorgeous lips. i can live caged or chained, being feed only with Your leftovers if You so desire. i am willing to exist for You in any capacity You desire.

i'm also dying to serve as Your human toilet, Laidie M, so You don't ever have to sit on cold porcelain again. i'm a TRUE believer of Female Supremacy, that's why i will give my life to serve such a wonderful Superior Woman such as Yourself as Your most humble slave.

i must tell You that i first realized my submissive tendencies when i was about 14 yrs old by reading D/S pornography that was given to me by a close friend. The image that was most striking for me, to this day, was of a young man dressed in an extremely sexy black lace garter with stockings and a matching bra. He also wore 6' platform clear stilettos that made his muscular legs bulge tremendously and caused his round buttox to sit up high like a real lady. He was beginning to look like a beautiful woman overall at the hands of a stunny Mistress! i identified with it immediately and consider myself to be a natural crossdresser and submissive. This may be bold of me to say, but i do know that i need Your help, Laidie M. i need to be trained further in my hidden desires.

my experience includes pure SM, headtrips, ageplay, CBT, NT, hot wax, forced chastity, body worship, foot massage, sissy maid service, complete forced feminization, extreme role-play, shaving, piercing, ass worship, weights, whips, orgasm denial, and much more.

Please, Laidie M, take me and make me your fulltime sissy slut and slave. i will do anything to earn this honor and privledge to serve as an object for Your pleasure and amusement. i will suffer so greatly for You and I will do my best to please You in every way You desire. I see this as a demonstration of Your total control and ownership of me. In fact, the more degrading the acts You require me to perform, the better for me to prove my loyalty and devotion to You.


slave adam…

I will briefly entertain the thought of your submission for My amusement…however, you will have to come in for a prolonged stay with Me at the dungeon so I can test out all of your proclaimed "skills."

If you prove to be of no use to Me, then there will be no contract…if you please Me, INCREDIBLY so, then we can work towards your complete ownership by My powerful hands…