Bondage & Discipline, Submission, S & M

Gif to Goddess

by Horacio Palermo

What do you get the Mistress who has everything? it is an age old question. How do you make yourself stand out when someone has minions at her feet, showering her‑with endless bounty? I decided that ! would try something other than material goods. I would give her myself; to do with as she wishes for an entire weekend. No place to be, except at the feet of my Goddess. ‑I asked her if this would be an acceptable gift and ‑she was more than ‑delighted to !earn‑ that we would ire spending more than the‑usual. hour or two together. She instructed rice to show up at the dungeon at six P.M. sharp on Friday night. On the way there I picked up some Godiva chocolate, some ‑Champagne arid some fresh cut flowers.

Upon. arrival I am greeted at the door by a fine looking young‑ woman in a maids outfit, stockings arid garters, arid stiletto heels. her dress is cut so that *her breasts are exposed and she wears clamps connected by a silver chain, attached to her nipples. The chain is looped through the D‑ring on the leather collar around her neck, ‑pulling her tits. It is quite an alluring site and I hope I will be seeing more of this beauty throughout the course of the weekend. Wordlessly she turns arid leads me through the carpeted hallways to the room were my Goddess reigns supreme. We stop before her door and the slave girl knocks. We hear her voice telling us to enter and we do.

Goddess is seated on her throne at the far end of the room and the slave girl and ! both drop to our knees and crawl toward her. Mistress commands me to undress and to put on the collar that lies at her feet. After ! retrieve the collar ! resume my humble position on the floor. The silence is deafening. Soon 1 hear footsteps as other people enter the chamber. A leash is attached to my collar. ! am instructed to kneel up and clamps are fastened to my nipples. A beautiful woman dressed in fetish clothes starts to tie up my cock and balls with some twine and loops it through the collar. She makes it so taut that it is impossible to keep my back straight without pulling severely on my cock and balls. As one woman is administering to me, affixing a ball gag to my mouth, I see, out of the corner of my eye, that another woman is securing the slave girl to a whipping post, her arms and legs spread wide. The woman brings out some sort of leather harness thing that I've never seen before.

The two women start to strap me into it as Mistress watches from her throne. Once I am completely encased in the leather webbing, a hook is lowered on a winch from the ceiling. The hook is attached to the back of the harness and one of the ladies starts to turn the handle lifting me off the ground. Mistress rises from her seat and walks to the center of the room, her bullwhip coiled at her side. She runs her fingernails down the exposed flesh of my ass. She steps back and uncoils her leather whip. CRACK! The sound is earsplitting but I feel nothing as her first blow lands on the slave girl on the rack. She lets out a little whimper and I brace myself for the next shot which will surely be mine. CRACK! Goes the whip again and again I feel nothing.

The anticipation is almost worse then the sting of the leather itself. I am spun around so that I can see what's going on. The two women that tied and suspended me are now on the floor playing with each other, their heads buried between each others legs.

Mistress is in the middle of the room with her whip. The slave girl on the rack is moaning and I can see numerous stripes on her ass and thighs where Goddess has found her mark. Mistress walks over and spins me around so that I am no longer facing the action and starts in on me. The whip stings like fire but my screams are muffled by the ball gag in my mouth. Mistress laughs as my body shudders with each blow. After what seems like hours of alternating between me and the slave girl, Goddess stops. She orders the women to release us and we resume our positions on the floor. Mistress explains that she has been bored lately and she is looking forward to this weekend for some entertainment. She says that she has a series of tests set up to determine how loyal I am willing to be. She explains that all the tests will be to determine what I will be best suited for. She announces that the first test id going to take place right now.

"I hope you are thirsty." she says.

I am told to lay on my back on the floor. This is very difficult with the rope tied between my collar and my scrotum, but I do as I am told. The constant pulling makes my cock throb hard. The slave girl is instructed to squat over my face and to piss into my mouth. I am threatened with banishment if I spill one drop and I open my mouth wide. The warm liquid starts to dribble from between her hairless cunt lips and down my throat. I swallow every drop. Then Mistress instructs the slave girl to sit on my face and have me lick her clean. We do as we are told and I can feel pre‑cum leaking out of my cock.

"I hope you still have room for some more." Mistress states.

She tells the slave girl to kneel with her forehead on the floor with her ass in the air. Mistress tells me that she wants me to jerk myself off so that I cum in between the slave girls ass cheeks. As 1 start to jerk my cock, Mistress stands behind me with her bullwhip. As I masturbate she flogs me. I can feel her opening my skin and little trickles of blood rolling down my back. my sweat burns in the open wounds.

"Faster!" She commands. "And when you are finished Cumming, I want you to lean over and lick up all your cum off her ass. You will not leave one drop and believe me,! will be inspecting your work so you best do a good job!"

She walks closer behind me and starts to swat my ass with her bare hand and instructs the slave girl to place her hands on each of her ass cheeks and to spread them apart. Her asshole winks at me and her cunt is so smooth and wet all I can do is think about getting my face closer to her. I stroke my cock faster and feel it ready to explode. Mistress steps back and resumes with the whip, striping my back. I feel I'm at the point of no return and tell Mistress so.

"Show me what a devoted slut you are then!" She barks.

I spew my load all over the girls milky white ass. My come runs down between her ass cheeks and down her legs. As I reel from my orgasm, I feel the hand of my Goddess on the back of my head pushing my face toward the slaves cum covered ass. I stick out my tongue like a hungry dog and lap up the mess 1 have made. Mistress commends me on my eagerness to please and says that I will be asked to do much more throughout the course of the weekend and that this was only the beginning. I am told that I will be led to my quarters and that she will be around to see me later to give me more instructions as to my duties and what's expected of me. With that, she leaves the room and I follow the slave girl out with the taste of her piss and my cum still in my mouth, hoping to taste the golden nectar of my Goddess before the weekend is over.