Bondage & Discipline, Submission, S & M

A Foot Worshipping Tale

by Mistress Athena

Tonight seemed to be the night that I was going to get a new slave. Not just any slave but one of my favorite types. The foot worshipper. The foot worshipper would do just about anything to kiss, lick, or suck any part of my feet. It makes me grin just thinking about what I could do with such a slave. So many scenarios are flowing into my head that I can't even depict which one would be right for tonight. It's endless really. I just new one thing: I would absolutely enjoy myself.

My new slave was patiently waiting for me in one of the rooms in the dungeon. It was the Blue Room. A very popular room. It has it's own private bathroom. In addition, a long steel cage located in the back corner. On the other corner was the pillory. This lovely hinged wooden board could only be found in chamber. But another item that was unique here was the stretch bed, which is the first piece of furniture that catches your eye as you walk into the room "Ah! The stretch bed," I thought. How perfect would that be if I used it tonight?

I walked into the brightly lit room with my basket full of goodies. My new slave looks like he has been trained as he lay on the floor head down. Obviously, he was not a newcomer in this world. This greeting excited me more as I knew I didn't have to train a new slave from scratch.

"Sit up," I instructed.

He did.

"Look up," I continued to order. As he did, we made eye contact. I walked closer to him still keeping the connection between our eyes. I stopped and examined his face. I lifted up my hand to his forehead and slowly stroked it. His eyes closed and he sighed. How fortunate is he to have any part of my body touch him? He knew that. I could see it through his body expressions. He was savory this moment. I smiled. It thrills me to know that a slave knows what he should appreciate. He widened his eyes and said thank you.

"You're quite welcome," I replied. "Now go grab me that stool near the wall and bring it here."

He got up and walked towards the wall. There was a little wooden stool. It was perfect for me to sit on while he admired some of my best features. He took the stool and sat it right beside me.

"Kneel." I said as I sat down.

Oh boy! He did what all foot worshippers do. He glanced at my feet. I knew what he was thinking. He wanted to marvel at my precious body part. I knew he couldn't wait. But I made him. I slowly touched my legs reaching for my feet. I was wearing nice strapped open-toe high heel shoes. The color of the nail polish caught his eye. My toes were professionally polished with a beautiful neon orange color. I wiggled my toes to add more torture to his soul. It worked. He couldn't take his amorous look off of them. I smiled. Then snickered.

"Wouldn't you like to touched them?" I asked.

"Yes, Mistress," he replied.

"I bet you would. Take off my shoes. Slowly. One by one."

His eyes were filled with glee. He did as he was instructed. He wasn't in a rush to take off my shoes. Oh no. He took his time like I told him to. He knew that every second he had his hands on my feet that it was heaven. Once he was done, he stepped away and just looked down.

"Excellent." I lifted my left foot in front of his face. He looked up at it.

"Massage my foot," I said.

He quickly did so. He massaged the back of my foot. Then he followed it up by massaging the balls of my toes. I watched him. I made him do this task for a long time. Then he did the same with my other foot. I let him adore them. Look at them. After a while, this wasn't enough for him. I knew that. He wanted to do more just like all foot worshippers wanted to do. But he had to work for it. I made him massage my feet a bit longer. All this while he was waiting for more instructions. I let him wait while I was enjoying my foot massage. Then it was time.

"Slave, suck on my big toe."

He was eager. I could tell. This was the moment he was waiting for.

"Work your way to the other ones. Make sure you clean them well," I warmed him as I watched him do his job.

"Don't forget the soles of my feet," I exclaimed as he continued completing his assignment.

He was being good. He was getting the pleasure he was seeking. But as we all know, you don't get pleasure without pain. Oh no. This was just the beginning. He didn't know what was coming to him. Poor soul. I smiled because of the devilish thoughts that were going through my head as I sat there watching my new slave happily enjoy himself. Indulging is more like it. Does he actually think that he can caress my feet so easily without working for it? If he did, he couldn't have been more dead wrong.

"Stop," I demanded. I put my foot down. "Put back my shoes."

Once he did that, I stood up. I walked around him slowly. Very slowly. I wanted him to hear the sound of my heels as I walked. It echoed from one end of the room to the other. The sound ached him. I stroked the back of his neck softly with the tip of my fingers. I worked my way back to his eyes. I bend down and whispered to him, "Now the fun part really begins."

I turned and looked over at the stretch bed that was sitting besides the wall mirror. It was perfectly placed into the position that I wanted. I ordered him to make his way to the edge of the bed between the two ends. As he did this, I reached into my basket of goodies where I found two hand restrains. I walked towards my slave who was in his new position. I placed the restrains on each of his wrist. Then I grabbed two hooks and I linked them to the bars that were placed in the middle. Ah. This was the condition that I wanted to see him in. Right now, he isn't feeling any pain. I don't think he has any clue how much pain he will encounter.

"Now slave," I began. "I have got you in this stance because if you want to continue worshipping my feet, you are going to have to prove that you are worthy. The only way you can do that for me is to test your willpower. I want to see how much pain you can take because after all, you can't have the pleasure without the pain."

"Yes, Mistress," he replied.

"Are you ready to receive your punishment?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. Let us begin."

I walked to one end of the bed. There it was. Staring at me. The handle of the bar that would stretch out his arms to opposite directions was calling me. I couldn't bear to wait any longer. I swiftly placed my hand on it and cranked it towards me. There it goes. The bar was pulling closer to me and away from his body. The ribbon was wrapping itself neatly around and around the spool. I see his arm coming. I crank it more. But that wasn't enough. The process was only halfway working. He doesn't feel any torture at all now because only one of his arms was in position. To really experience the damage this bed can do, I would have to crank his other arm as well. That's exactly what I did.

I walked to the other end. Same thing. Hand on handle. I began to crank once again. As I was working my arm muscle, I watched him. I didn't want to miss out on the precise moment when he first would feel the pain. I couldn't look away. That moment was too valuable. I needed it. The anticipation was killing me. My heart was beating faster than normal.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" he yelled.

Suddenly, my girlish evil grin appeared on my face. That was it. That was the sound that I was waiting for. It pleased me to hear it. It was the music to my ears. I wanted to hear more. I cranked it up again. He screamed again. As I looked upon and saw him wincing, I was happily amusing myself.

This situation was perfect. My new slave was on the edge of the bed with both arms pulling on opposite ends of the room. He was in pain. Suffering for me. I let him sit there for a bit so he can feel the agony while I was there. His face told the story. His white skin and piercing blue eyes were gone. In its place was a bright red color completely covering his face and the blue eyes were shut so tight that I could see each wrinkle he had all over his eye area. Sweat was dripping down his forehead. For him, the room just got hotter. It was a beautiful scene.

"Slave," I began. "This is what I meant when I said no pleasure without the pain. THIS is my pleasure. But don't worry. As a woman of my word, I will keep my promise. I told you if you wanted to continue worshipping my feet you would have to endure pain. And you have."

With that, I sat on the bed facing him. I scooted back while I was bending my knees to fit my feet on the bed. I took off my shoes. My bare feet were inched from his face. He wanted to kiss them but he could reach. I smiled with delight.

"Don't you wish you could lick them?"

He nodded.

"Are you ready?"

Again, he nodded.

"Open your mouth."

He did.


He widened.

I shoved my foot in his mouth.

"Lick them well, slave. Make sure you lick between the toes."

I was ecstatic to watch my foot in my new slave's mouth. I examined him with a close eye. I decided to slap his face with my other foot. I spread my toes on his cheek and caressed his face with it. I felt moisture. That's when I realized that the moisture was his sweat. It was disgusting. My foot needed to be cleaned and I sure wasn't going to get up and start wiping the perspiration he had left on my foot. No. No. No. Instead, I switched my feet and now the secreted foot was in his mouth.

"Lick this horrific sweat off my foot," I commanded.

He did as he was told.

After a few minutes of this, I began to think he was getting comfortable. That can't happen. I will not allow it.

"Stop," I shouted.

I took my feet from under his face. His eyes just followed them as I crawled to one end of the bed. I pulled the handle of the stretch bar away from me. A groan came out of him. I stopped and did the same on the other side. Another groan. Excellent. I had to make sure that he still felt the pain. I couldn't possibly have him feeling relaxed.

We reached another phase of our rendezvous I thought. I dug into my basket of goodies once again. I pulled out my glass filled with ice. Unfortunately, some were melting. However, there is no need to fret. I was planning to put them all in good use.

"I could see you are hot, slave."

He nodded.

I grabbed an ice cube and put it centimeters from his mouth. He opened it as if I was actually going to put it in his mouth. I chuckled. My slave has silly thoughts I said to myself. I got closer just to tease him. Then I backed off. Instead, I stoop up on top of the bed and rubbed that ice cube on my thigh. The water trickled all the way don to my foot. My slaved watched the water. He was lifting up his head as high as he could to see where the stream was coming from but his movement was so limited. More water flowed down my leg. The light in the room helped it glisten. I took another ice cube and place it on my other thigh. This time I gave instructions.

"Open your mouth."

Once again, I shoved my foot in his mouth.

"Don't do anything until you feel the water down your throat."

I continued to rub more ice cubes on my leg. A very steady stream came cruising down. It slid very quickly to my foot passed his lips and into his mouth.

"Swallow," I ordered.

He did. I rubbed the ice rapidly so it can flow down faster. He kept swallowing.

"Start licking."

The slave obeyed.


He followed my instructions. As I looked down on my brand new slave, I knew this was only the beginning of my entertainment. I thought about all the joy I will have with him and with that, I smiled with delight.