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A dominatrix by nature, Goddess Star has been accustomed to men falling at her feet for her entire life.

Whether you’ve been fantasizing about the girl next door or the significant other of your friend that you can never have, Star will check off all of your boxes as soon as she enters the room.


While some of her favorite activities do include body worship, role play and sissification, don’t be deceived by her sweet introduction. She is equally skilled in humiliation and loves nothing more than to burn you with her words and an assortment of instruments.


Nicknamed by those closest to her as “The Man-Eater,” you would be lucky to be in her presence, let alone have a session with her. She is extremely picky and doesn’t session with just anyone. But beware of her addictive qualities. If you are chosen, she will always leave you hungry for more.


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Mistress star

Week of   02/06 to 02/12

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26 Review for "mistress STAR"

  • Reviewed by Peter john

    I had a feet fetish session with mistress star, her little pink feet is out of this world. Realy enjoyed her and her smooth feet make feel very good. Thanks mistress Star ( gorgeous feet)

  • Reviewed by Micheal B

    I had the pleasure of experiencing a role-play session with the incredibly talented dominatrix Starr, and I have to say, she exceeded all of my expectations. Not only is she a genuinely kind and caring person, but her acting and roleplaying skills are truly remarkable. From the moment the role-play began, she fully embodied her character and never broke character. Her natural talent for dominance and control in her role as a boss was impressive and completely took away my control, leaving me in awe. What sets Starr apart from other dominatrixes I have met is her emotional intelligence and her beauty. She has an innate ability to understand and fulfill someone's desires and needs. Before the role-play began, she took the time to understand my boundaries and tailor the experience to my preferences. This level of attention to detail and understanding is what makes her truly stand out. On the day of the session, I was feeling quite depressed, but after spending time with Starr, I felt renewed and happy again. She has a way of making you feel comfortable and safe to express yourself without judgement. It was important for me to talk about my feelings, and she never judged neither my feelings nor my desires. Starr is not only an incredibly skilled dominatrix, but also a genuinely kind and caring person. Unlike other dominatrixes I have met (and I have met many), she never comes across as unauthentic or fake. She is a normal person who so happens to be kinky— I’m not sure if it’s her real interests or if it’s just a job for her and that’s what’s the most amazing part! This authenticity and genuine nature is evident in her performances, making the experience all the more realistic and enjoyable. Even though she was caring and kind in person, she was not at all caring during our session, which is important for the dynamic of the role-play. She spanked me pretty hard, restrained me, and I explored new interests that I never knew I had before. She hit me so hard that I had to yell a safe word but I enjoyed it. I felt an adrenaline rush.. so much so that I even began sweating from nervousness during the session and normally I’m a pretty confident person but she put me in my place and MADE me submit— truly astounding. I have seen many dominatrixes, but none compare to Starr's raw talent and ability to fully immerse herself in a role while still making sure that your experience is personalized and fulfilling. On top of that… she is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I highly recommend her for anyone looking for an unforgettable and authentic experience. She IS the best and there is NONE like her!!!!!!!!

  • Reviewed by K & M

    I'm not surprised by the very many positive reviews on here and felt compelled to add my own. My girlfriend and I are from out of town and wanted to try something "different" when we visited New York a few weeks back. We decided to rent a room here for a sexy night and brought Star in with us. I have always been dominant and was excited to see someone else dominate my girlfriend with me but my girlfriend is new to this world and was a little hesitant about bringing someone else in to the dynamic. Star walked in and immediately made her feel at ease and comfortable. She has a funny way about her...her confidence level is out of this world yet she still seems approachable with girl next door vibes and she immediately hit it off with my girlfriend. She's the perfect combination of sexy and safe. She emphasized consent the entire time which allowed both of us to be fully present in the moment and my girlfriend was shocked by how much she ended up enjoying the experience (it's also led to us getting more creative in the bedroom...always a plus lol) I would absolutely recommend Star to any couples looking to spice things up and know we will be giving Star another visit again in 2023.

  • Reviewed by Alex

    She is the best

  • Reviewed by Sissy Boy J

    I had the pleasure of meeting with Mistress Star this week. The session left me speechless and I’m not often left speechless. I had a specific roleplay in mind and the way that she executed it honestly scared me a little. It was as if she could read my mind (still scratching my head as to whether or not she can…) but regardless of her powers, she gave me the mindfuck of both my dreams and nightmares. Looking forward to our next session with eager anticipation.

  • Reviewed by Pathetic Coatrack

    "No one escapes pain, fear, and suffering. Yet from pain can come wisdom, from fear can come courage, from suffering can come strength - if we have the virtue of resilience." -Eric Greitens My personal relation with kink has seen it's share of ups and downs. I've had phases where I have embraced this side of me, then felt ashamed and then disgusted, and the cycle continues. Suffering is a huge part of my kink and something I've never truly understood. I feel a need to suffer and Mistress Star made sure my needs were met in the most fun and entertaining way. Don't get me wrong, the session was no joke, it was as intense as it gets but she made sure I was okay throughout the session by constantly communicating with me and checking in with me. I want to use this space to express my deepest gratitude towards Mistress Star and all the lovely Mistress's at DD who made that session into one which I will remember for a long long time to come. I feel harbours all the qualities a safe, sane and consensual kink practitioner should posses and she is excellent at what she does. She takes the time to communicate with you before and after the session while making sure all your needs are met. If you are looking for a sign to pay Mistress Star a visit at DD- THIS IS YOUR SIGN. Go now and thank me later.

  • Reviewed by Shoe Slut

    I have been to Donatella's a few times now and this is my first time with Mistress Star. She is amazing. The moment she walked into the room i knew that i wanted to session with her. She has such beautiful eyes that stare right into your soul. We talked and discussed what we wanted for this session and our limitations. Although she personally did not have some things she went out of her way to see if she can get them. The outfit she picked out was perfect and it was everything I asked for. Throughout the session she did everything i requested and threw in her own twist to it. I promise I won't drop the shoe next time. I cannot wait to come back and see her again! She is a gem at donatellas.

  • Reviewed by John

    Star is the best of the best. I’ve been into this scene for more than 10 years and Star is in a league of her own. She is a 10 out of 10 and is the perfect woman. The combination of her looks and personality is simply unfair – I feel helpless, and I will do anything to make her happy. Since my session a few weeks ago, I can’t stop thinking about Star and I am motivated to work 24/7 at my job because my money belongs to her – I plan on returning more frequently. My only purpose in life is to worship Star and make her happy at any cost. Saying I am addicted to Star is the understatement of the century – I am already completely wrapped around her finger.

  • Reviewed by Nick

    Mistress Star is everything her bio says and more. Her all around appearance will make you fall victim to her dominant energy. Mistress Star will examine your interests and will only allow you to serve her if she deems you are worthy. She is amazing with communication and establishes a comfort level early in the session. She allows you to submit to her completely placing control in her hands. She is incredibly beautiful and her eyes are captivating. She will use her looks and her body against you and create an undeniable tension. She allowed me to comfortably and safely push my limits further than I have gone before. She showed me just how much pain I could take and I loved every second of it. She helped me explore a new kink that I have been fantasizing about for years. She did an excellent job verifying today was the day to try it and did an even better job performing and assuring me through the experience. I will definitely be exploring this more in the future. Overall, Mistress Star controls the room well and she will decide how lucky you get to be on any given visit. She is truly captivating and I hope to serve her again.

  • Reviewed by Steve

    In my experience as a sub, I've learnt that the best dommes are both - someone trustworthy, approachable & perceptive that I can open up to, be vulnerable with, feel understood by and trust with my mental & physical safety. But also awe-inspiring & powerful. Someone I instinctively want to worship & submit to, feel intimidated by her presence, respect her authority, fear her disapproval and be genuinely terrified of what her cruel sadistic side could subject me to. Mistress Star embodies both these opposing forms so well & so naturally, I've never seen anything like it in over 20 years of exploring D/s.

  • Reviewed by FL

    Written reviews, such as this, can not explain how amazing Mistress Star truly is. The experience will leave you speechless. She is professional, kind, and caring! Go and see for yourself!

  • Reviewed by Steve

    In my experience as a sub, I've learnt that the best Dommes are both * Someone trustworthy, approachable & perceptive that I can open up to, be vulnerable with, feel understood by and trust with my mental & physical safety. * But also awe-inspiring & powerful, Someone I instinctively want to worship & submit to, feel intimidated by her presence, respect her authority, fear her disapproval and be genuinely terrified of what her cruel sadistic side could subject me to

  • Reviewed by abcde

    Having a session with Mistress Star is a special experience. She truly takes every care to ensure one's comfort and enjoyment during the entire session.

  • Reviewed by Pete

    Ms. Star is an amazing domme, out of all people i have sessioned with. She is leagues above the rest. I absolutely loved our session and will definitely be back for more.

  • Reviewed by John

    I had incredible session with mistress star. She is truly the best, She is always willing to try new things don't hesitate to come over and have your dream come true. Highly recommended it was the best experience I've had, she doesn't have face pics but it's worth to come and see her in person no words can express it.

  • Reviewed by Jack peabody

    Saw Mistress Star and had an amazing time! She was patient and listened to me. I highly recommend!

  • Reviewed by Michael h.

    Game freaking over! I have been dreaming about STAR for I don’t know how many weeks but ever since I laid my eyes on her. I never sessioned with her before but I had a gut feeling it was going to be good...now I didn’t think it was going to be THIS good! She left me speechless I literally had no words...no words came out of my mouth when she asked me how the session went. I have seen several hundred dommes over the past several years that I have been coming there and she just topped my list, like easily; I could be prisoner of the moment but I don’t think so. She is truly everything! The session was everything! After the session ended I could hear myself saying I could die now that’s how incredible it was! I really think that I was dreaming. If for some reason I won’t make it back there I will be dreaming about STAR forever and ever and ever! Hopefully I can save up enough to do a follow up session. I would trade my rent money in exchange for a few more sessions with her and risk being homeless! I have never felt such a strong connection like that with any mistress before; I don’t know if it was her or if it was me or its a Gemini thing, but it was just such a great vibe!

  • Reviewed by Steven B

    Mistress Star is stunning in person and very professional. Very attentive and methodical

  • Reviewed by Stx Sub

    When it comes to being the hottie next door, who can break your mind by teasing you into an uncontrollable frenzy with her overwhelming beauty and seductiveness and then viciously cutting you down with her cruel denial & humiliation, Mistress Star is the real deal. This was no role play for her and I've never felt the range of submissive feelings that she made me experience. Simply the best!!

  • Reviewed by Nick

    Mistress stars is a lot of fun. I had a great session. I choose her amongst the several girls because she had a great attitude. I could not find her pictures on the website but she is very very beautiful. I will certainly come back to see her.

  • Reviewed by Marc

    I was lucky enough to be Goddess Star’s chair. She is so beautiful that you will want to make her happy from the minute you see her. Once she walked in the room I could not say no to her. I felt very grateful that such a selective goddess let me serve her.

  • Reviewed by chris

    this cuz at least the 4th possibly fifth time that I've seen Mr Starr. I'm not really sure what it is that keeps bringing me back I just know that it's something very intense. No no sometimes she looks at me in a way that I just realized that I am completely hopeless and it's all going downhill fast. It's in that moment that I feel the most alive but I felt a decade Maybe pretty much willing to do things that I would never ever do for anybody else. Sometimes it's not about words sometimes there's just something that you know and when you know you know. And if you don't know you've obviously not met Ms starr.

  • Reviewed by Princess Peach

    Goddess Star’s bio is spot on. I wasn’t sure who I wanted to meet with so I scheduled a general meet and met several women. Goddess Star walked into the room first and my mouth dropped. She is a knockout and has a different look than anyone else there. She was confident but approachable and I immediately knew I wanted to continue with her (even though she played a little hard to get with whether or not she would even session with me). Her roleplay was creative. Impact and humiliation nailed it. I have seen many dominatrixes across the world and left pleasantly surprised with my combination of admiration and pain. I’m from out of town but knew I needed more and came back for her the next day. She will absolutely be my first stop next time I am in town and I haven’t stopped thinking about her since.

  • Reviewed by Steve

    Mistress Star is an absolute goddess. Not only is she lovely with eyes that you would drown in. She is clever intuitive and knows just what buttons to press. I was in putty in her hands and will think of her devious smile and sadistic twinkle for years to come.

  • Reviewed by Amanda Diana

    ABSOLUTELY love her! First of all she is absolutely beautiful! Star has gorgeous eyes and an amazing smile. And that a** tho

  • Reviewed by Rocco

    I have never left a review for anyone before but Star is totally worth it! I usually see new dominatrixes only once but I had to go back a second time for her,couldn’t resist it! She combines the personality and beauty of the girl next door and the skills of a dominatrix all in one package..she is just awesome!!

DISCLAIMER: I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no sex being offered. Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.


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