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Mistress Sasha can be as sweet and playful as she is punishing and sadistic

Don’t let her innocent face fool you, she will put you in your place and let you know who you really belong to. Her favorite play includes tease and denial, degradation, dirty talk, face slapping, spitting, foot worship, impact, nipple play/torture, brat taming, role playing (especially teacher/student, boss/employee) and hearing her eager little sub beg for more.


Sasha is a natural mistress but also enjoys subbing for anyone she deems a true Alpha male.


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Mistress sasha

Week of   11/29 to 12/05

  • Wednesday 5:30 pm - 1:30 am
  • Thursday 5:30 pm - 1:30 am
  • Saturday 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Sunday 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

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9 Review for "mistress SASHA"

  • Reviewed by ttsub

    I had an amazing time with Mistress Sasha. She really is a down to earth person who makes you feel comfortable in the session. And as other posters have mentioned, she is way more beautiful in person than her photos show.

  • Reviewed by Todd

    Had a one hour double session with Mistress Sasha and Mistress Avery today, I would have liked Mistress Sasha to have stayed for the full 2 and 1/2 hour session but she was booked already, she is booking up fast, her next session was running late and she popped in for a few more minutes to have some fun with me, and I was more than happy to have her come back in. If you like her pictures on website you will LOVE her in person, Mistress Sasha is by far way more beautiful in person, she should be a model. I already had session with Mistress Sasha before so when she came in to talk she know what I wanted. When I told her that she was doing a double with Mistress Avery she was thrilled. This was the first time that the two of them worked a double together, and they were super compatible working together I would do another double session with both of them. Mistress Sasha knows how to push your limited and then push them a little further, all the time keeping you safe. Mistress Sasha legs are amazingly beautiful in and out of stockings. When she stares at you with her stunning eyes and perfect mouth it is hard to say no to what ever she wants to do to you. I have been going to Donatella den for 15 years and Mistress Sasha and Mistress Avery are two of the best mistresses at Donatellas I hope that they both are there for a long time. its been about 3 hours since my session today and I am still replaying it in my head and parts of my body they them played with. Thank you for an amazing session today, I cant wait to see what Mistress Sasha / Avery has in store for me next time for that

  • Reviewed by Jlisa

    Mistress Sasha is just amazing. Had my first session with her and photos don’t do justice to her beauty. I am definitely coming back. She understands exactly what you need. I just loved our session.

  • Reviewed by Sasha's Toy

    I second the motion to see photos of Mistress Sasha's feet. Please Mistress Sasha give us another reason to run to DD to session with you!!!

  • Reviewed by Sasha sub

    Sasha is the most beautiful domme i cant wait to serve her

  • Reviewed by SashasSlave

    Sasha looks very nice. Too bad there are no photos of her feet. Important for mistress who lists foot worship as favorite. Thank you.

  • Reviewed by Mike red

    Mistress sasha is beyond beautiful i cant wait to serve her

  • Reviewed by Todd

    First she is far more beautfiul than her pictures on the website, second for someone how is new to DD she was perfect, Sasha was will to try new things. Sasha came in and we spoke for a few minutes, and she was so easy to talk to. When we started the session and throughout the session Sasha was amazing. The more respect you show her them more you get back. Sasha has a very beautfiul face and great legs. I had a 2 hour session that went by so fast. Sasha is easy to talk to and she is will to go that extra mile to make the session even better. I will be thinking about the session for a while, can't wait to see where Sasha takes the next session.

  • Reviewed by Dan

    Had an amazing experience with Sasha! Highly recommended. The pictures on the site don’t do justice to how gorgeous she is. Perfect combination of a hard-ass and a sweet person.

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