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Mistress Kira is a Brazilian sadist Goddess who can see through you and find your deepest

most hidden secrets. As she takes you by the hand and commands you to face your unconscious fears and desires, this mistress will oblige you to indulge in a new world of pleasure beyond the pain. You will be begging for Mistress Kira’s mercy as she controls your body, mind, and soul.


Mistress Kira is generous in her rewarding of good behavior and loyalty, as a faithful and caring Mother who diligently teaches the good son how to submit and obey entirely to her command. By succumbing to her words, Goddess Kira will guide you through the darkness of her own world. 


Intellectually devoted to the world of pleasure, Mistress Kira is also a Ph.D. Candidate whose research explores sexuality and s/M culture. 


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Mistress kira

Week of   06/05 to 06/11

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3 Review for "mistress KIRA"

  • Reviewed by Alexis

    Mistress Kira had me on my knees without saying a word. Her power is evident the minute you enter her space. She knows the mindset of a submissive. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get immediate obedience. I’ve had several sessions with other Domme’s and I have never felt the power of a woman as quickly and consistently throughout our session. Miss Kira’s beauty is second only to her power. I was hers completely for the whole session never questioned it never wanted to all that I wanted to do was please her. Smart, strict, powerful always, but immediately I knew I was in good hands, and I could trust her! What an amazing time with an amazing woman!!!

  • Reviewed by Michael

    Saw Kira for the first time, and my particular kink was new to her. She was amazing. Beautiful, warm accommodating, sexy, sensuous. I loved every moment of our time together!

  • Reviewed by Tyler

    Mistress Kira is incredible. She spent a lot of time talking with me to figure out what I wanted, and to let go of the shame and trauma that drives a lot of my kinks. It’s nothing that gets “solved”, but the support and attention from Kira was incredibly healing, even more so than I appreciated at the time. You can tell she cares about her clients psychological needs, and appreciates sex as a powerful way to heal our relationships with ourselves

DISCLAIMER: I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no sex being offered. Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.


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