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Unleash your desires with this Brazilian powerful Domme.


As a lifestyle mistress, I embody authenticity amidst a sea of societal conformity. With a commitment to living boldly and without compromise, I invite you to delve into a world where desires are explored without judgment, and passions are ignited with fervent intensity. All genders and orientations are welcome. 
With each encounter, I skillfully navigate the delicate dance between power and vulnerability, fostering an environment of trust and mutual exploration.
My influence extends far beyond the confines of our encounters. As a Ph.D. Candidate at a prestigious public Ivy League institution, my research delves into the complexities of dissident sexuality and the nuances of BDSM culture. With a knowledgeable approach, I strive to create a space where authenticity and empowerment are paramount. Yes, I like training my own  lab rats. 
My sessions may include, but are not limited to:
Age Play/Adult Baby 
Blasphemy and Religious Role Play
Body Worship
Boot Worship
Breath Play
Caging and Confinement
Chastity Training/Keyholding
Clamps and Clothespins
Cigar Play and Human Ashtray
Coerced Bi Fantasies
Corporal Punishment
Dental play
Edge play
Electric play
Face Sitting
Face Slapping
Financial Domination 
Food play
Foot worship
Human Furniture
Intense Medical Play
Interrogation and Kidnapping fantasies
Latex/Rubber/PVC Fetish
Lingerie and Panty Fetish
Maid Training
Macro Fetish
Medical Play/Exams
Mess fetish
Police Officer Role Play
Professor and student
Puppy/Pony/Kitten Training
Race play 
Scent/Aroma Fetish
Sensory Deprivation
Slave Training
Slut Training
Student and Teacher Role Play
Tease and Denial
Toilet Training
Water boarding 
Wax Play
Verbal Abuse
Vore Fetish



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We accept appointments Monday through Friday form 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and Saturday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.. We do make exceptions, so if you have a special request please speak to our receptionist.

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Mistress kira

Week of   06/24 to 06/30

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21 Review for "mistress KIRA"

  • Reviewed by James

    Recently had my third session with Mistress Kira, and every one gets better than the last. She knows what buttons to press in me and where with ease…. Every session she makes sure to dive deep into my own kinks and fetishes and comes across like she really cares to explore everything with me. When it comes time to session, she can be brutal and ruthless in putting me in my place, and she so obviously takes pleasure herself in doing so. I’m looking forward to the next three sessions soon.

  • Reviewed by Rubbergimp

    Oh Mistress Kira, I long to serve you again To be under your control, to serve your whims To smell the rubber you wear To take in your visage To be cursed and blessed by your power To be your slave I can't think of anything else, I can barely work But Mistress Kira I shall serve Forever and ever

  • Reviewed by Jake5217

    What a waste of time and money . 2 hour session I was counting the last 30 minutes for the session to end. No connection at all

  • Reviewed by D

    Mistress Kira is the cream of the crop in NYC!  Her experience is evident from the second she walks in the room.  She leads a comfortable negotiation where she listens and gathers data on her subject.  As she collects the toys and implements for the session, I was left with a rush of excitement I'd not experienced when seeing other Domina.  You see, Mistress Kira isn't like the rest.  She has a disarming way about her... and a stern sadistic side to bring you escape to your deepest fantasies.  She's creative and inventive in her torture, willing to push and prod until you break.  Resistance is futile and painful.  Without raising her voice, a simple change of inflection and accompanying sneer warn of what might be to come while you're bound and blindfolded.  She is experienced in a wide range of kinks, showing strong skills in reading the reactions of her toy.  Respectful of limits and requests, the session flew by and never felt dull.  THIS is the Domina you MUST see.

  • Reviewed by Alex

    From the moment the Mistress closed the door, I knew I was where I was supposed to be. I immediately fell to my knees, head bowed, waiting for the amazing Mistress Kira to acknowledge my presence. As the mistress slowly circled my body, I trembled with excitement. Circling me, the mistress stopped, her hand on my head, I could feel her power pulsing from her body to my body. Pushing my head to the floor ass up, eyes closed the mistress began to touch, spank, feather, I didn’t know what was coming next. The sensory play had me spinning in ecstasy. I was directed to stand at attention. The mistress blindfolded me, and before I knew it, I was anchored to the iron Cross blindfolded completely naked, vulnerable, there was nothing I could do and I loved it! The power exchange went back-and-forth for what felt like an eternity. The pain from the flogging felt so good and so cathartic. The mistress had willingly moved me throughout the space into different positions on all fours, tethered to the cross, ass in the air, flat on my back, on my stomach and each different position was a new and wild experience. There was pain, ecstasy, and strap on play! I’m still shaking from the climax! Mistress Kira has the power, professionalism, beauty and strength to take me places I never thought possible! Submission to this wonderful woman is a gift! I can’t wait to see her again!!!!

  • Reviewed by Lilli

    Kira is tall, extremely beautiful. Her ability to role-play a sarcastic humiliating was doctor so incredibly real,She even shifted to sweet and caring ,to professional stern,as I has wanted her.

  • Reviewed by Cuckie

    Ms Kira is a stunningly beautiful and gifted Domina !! She told me if I behave I would be allowed to fluff other slaves for her ! Yum !!

  • Reviewed by Lilli

    I'm a pre-op transsexual and a lesbian (sort of). Mistress Kira did medical roleplay that was unforgettable.She role played a doctor. The fantasy was of caring and warmth,to a stern control freak,and then to humiliation.She made deep eye contact. Her feet smelled delicious,her everything was stunning and curvy. She really knows whats she's doing.She really understood what I wanted which was not impact play

  • Reviewed by Sissy

    In a session with Mistress Kira, I was utterly captivated. She's not just a Domme; she's a master of her craft. With every move, she exudes confidence and control, creating an atmosphere where my desires were explored without inhibition. From the moment I entered her realm, I felt the intensity of her presence. Her expertise is unmatched, her skill undeniable. Each session became a journey into the depths of my fantasies, guided by her expert hand and unwavering professionalism. With Mistress Kira, the experience was nothing short of exhilarating, leaving me craving more long after it was over.

  • Reviewed by Ralph

    Mistress Kira opened up my world by showing me how much of a worthless loser I really was.

  • Reviewed by Anthony

    Let me tell you about Mistress Kira; she’s something special. Sure, all the mistresses are hot, but it takes more than looks to truly top someone. When it comes to caning and flogging, she’s in a league of her own. She had me feeling like I’d go above and beyond to please her, yet she also had an intuitive sense of my needs. I never once had to use my safe word because I had complete trust in her abilities. Plus, after the session, I found myself feeling more comfortable with myself than ever before.

  • Reviewed by Lab Rat

    I was honored to be Mistress Kira's object for her PhD research. It's the best I could hope to do in my lifetime as such a worthless and pathetic being. I long to give myself completely to such a goddess again soon, and to feel her degradating look upon me.

  • Reviewed by Ponyboy

    Mistress Kira has a way of making one feel special and cared for, while also driving one insane from the exhilarating experiences she offers. I can't recommend her highly enough. My sessions with her at the Dungeon have left me captivated and craving more with each visit. Mistress Kira has an unparalleled ability to provide a diverse range of experiences, each leaving a lasting impression. My personal favorites are role-playing, sissyfication and anal play. Her music taste is also exquisite. From the moment you step into her domain, you're enveloped in an atmosphere of power and control, where she expertly crafts each session to cater to one's desires, pushing you to the edge of pleasure while also ensuring safety and consent are paramount. What sets Mistress Kira apart is her ability to delve into different facets of domination, offering experiences that linger in your mind long after the session ends. Whether it's sensory deprivation, pet play, slut training or bondage, she executes each scenario with precision and finesse. My experiences with her have left a permanent mark on my psyche. I find myself thinking about her and our sessions daily, eagerly anticipating the next opportunity to submit to her :)

  • Reviewed by Zachary

    Mistress Kira is amazing. I was nervous about seeing a professional dominatrix but there was absolutely no reason to be. She could not have been sweeter and amazing when were discussing things but turned into an absolutely badass, beautiful Domme when the time came. I was hoping to explore ball busting as one of my top kinks and we explored that and so much more. I cannot recommend her enough. Her pictures do not do her justice!! She is one of the hottest women you will ever meet--and just a bonus is one of the most talented Dommes you will ever meet as well!

  • Reviewed by James

    Mistress Kira is among the most skilled and talented dommes I have ever met - hands down. Her breadth of experience and familiarity with almost every kink imaginable meant that in our sessions she has always known how to perfectly dominate me and manipulate all my desires and fantasies to great effect. She knows how to tailor her sessions from light, soft play to total physical and psychological domination. Most importantly, once you spend even a single session with her, you realize she does care deeply about providing a comfortable environment and an incredible experience for her submissives, and takes the time to dig deep into what they crave and need. She’s a powerful combination of kindness and empathy mixed with a wicked dominant streak, all harmoniously tied together with striking beauty and undeniable intelligence. Once you finish your first session with Kira, you’ll want to turn around and start your next immediately. She’s the best!

  • Reviewed by A

    Mistress Kira is just as devious as she is beautiful. She knows exactly how to get in your head, and the only thing sharper than her claws is her wit. Within moments of meeting her I knew my place, beneath her in worship. Whether it be physical or mental domination, Mistress Kira is more than equipped to bring anyone to heel. I never felt anything but comfortable in her presence, which made serving her both an honor and a pleasure.

  • Reviewed by Ronald Bratten

    I have a fantasy of interrogating a beautiful spy by tickling her feet. Is this something that you might be able to do?

  • Reviewed by Terry

    Mistress Kira’s dominance over all other creatures is not learned or built upon her dress or image, but rather is inherent in Her being. From the moment you kneel before her, there is no doubt that is exactly where you belong. While her protocols are strict and her whippings are fierce, she is so home in her inherent superiority that trustworthiness and compassion for her inferiors is overwhelming. She towers over her slaves in her high heeled leather boots, and her intellect and psychological knowledge of her slaves will make any slave feel desperate to continue to grovel on the ground like a pathetic dog. She is safe, trustworthy and discreet, but you will remember at all times that you are her complete bitch.

  • Reviewed by Alexis

    Mistress Kira had me on my knees without saying a word. Her power is evident the minute you enter her space. She knows the mindset of a submissive. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get immediate obedience. I’ve had several sessions with other Domme’s and I have never felt the power of a woman as quickly and consistently throughout our session. Miss Kira’s beauty is second only to her power. I was hers completely for the whole session never questioned it never wanted to all that I wanted to do was please her. Smart, strict, powerful always, but immediately I knew I was in good hands, and I could trust her! What an amazing time with an amazing woman!!!

  • Reviewed by Michael

    Saw Kira for the first time, and my particular kink was new to her. She was amazing. Beautiful, warm accommodating, sexy, sensuous. I loved every moment of our time together!

  • Reviewed by Tyler

    Mistress Kira is incredible. She spent a lot of time talking with me to figure out what I wanted, and to let go of the shame and trauma that drives a lot of my kinks. It’s nothing that gets “solved”, but the support and attention from Kira was incredibly healing, even more so than I appreciated at the time. You can tell she cares about her clients psychological needs, and appreciates sex as a powerful way to heal our relationships with ourselves

DISCLAIMER: I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no sex being offered. Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.


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