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    4 - 6
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AryaKaiX is a young but experienced domme who doesn't take no for an answer

She is described by some as a dream come true, both irresistibly beautiful and beyond capable of making your wildest fantasies come true. Her tall and slim thick figure is meant to be worshipped by only the most eager of those under consideration. If you want any remote chance at pleasing her, you will have to prove yourself worthy. She is a queen only capable of being satiated by the most submissive of men.


She enjoys....


She is ....


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Mistress eden

Week of   11/29 to 12/05

  • Tuesday 10:30 am - 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday 5:30 pm - 1:30 am
  • Saturday 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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6 Review for "mistress EDEN"

  • Reviewed by Mikey

    I have sessioned with Eden and tipped her in a couple of times. She gets better each time. Very attractive and commands the room. Gracious while being a first rate domme. Highly recommend her.

  • Reviewed by Jeff

    Mistress Eden is amazing. Fun when you are respectfull and she knows how to make you regret it when you are not. As you can see she is gorgeous and sexy. But she’s much more than that. Smart and intuitive, she interacts intelligently and personably. Strong, sexy, smart and cool makes her a very well rounded and capable Domme.

  • Reviewed by David

    Nice job. The gag was excellent. Making me wear a mask was hot. In my opinion, you clearly have a talent in this field. You did to me what I wanted to do to you. Thank you very much. Thanks, David You did to me what I wanted to do to you!!!

  • Reviewed by David Burling

    Eden is a skilled Dominant. She took her time getting to know me before the session started and it made our time together exciting. Also, she is exceedingly beautiful. I am pleased with the results of our session!!!!!!!!!

  • Reviewed by Jeffrey

    Mistress Eden has the best personality and body to match. Her cute butt is to die for worshipping and she knows how to dominate for real

  • Reviewed by Todd

    Aryakai tipped in today with my session with Lonnie, Aryakai has nice long legs and beautiful eyes. She was very pleasent and had no problem joining in with us. Thank you for joining in with us

DISCLAIMER: I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no sex being offered. Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.


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