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    7 1/2
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    English - Spanish
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Beautiful and Mesmerizing, Dominique awaits your arrival, and your willingness to serve your Mistress properly, and your begs for forgiveness.

Dominique is the Queen of Sensual Domination (no or little pain Domination) contrasting Caressing, Sensual Oil Massage and Sensual Kissing with Orgasm Denial, Torture and Impact Play (spanking, flogging, caning) as well as Humiliation Play. Always using Sensual Domination techniques along with the impact play techniques of Sadism to heighten your sexual responses.

Dominique is known for the use of Her Extreme Pleasure technique for Domination by which She overwhelms by sensory stimulation and multi-orgasmic pleasure to electrify the nervous system and trigger mind-blowing sexual release.

Training objectives will center around your deepest fantasies, all guiding you to serve this extremely sexually responsive woman who is multi-talented. You will feel constantly possessed and consumed by her. Her confidence and control will make y ou long for a daily routine that begins and ends with Her.

The ultimate objective is to teach you how to be a better slave. Her specialties include: Sensual domination, Corporal Punishment, Reward/Punishment, Sensory Deprivation, Temperature Play / Age Play, Foot & Body Worship, OTK, Medical, Wrestling and Boxing, Role Play, Edging, Bondage & Restraints, Slave Training, Forced-bi, Slut Training and Crossdressing, Forced Feminization and Pet Play


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We accept appointments Monday through Friday form 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and Saturday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.. We do make exceptions, so if you have a special request please speak to our receptionist.

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Mistress dominique

Week of   10/26 to 11/01


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17 Review for "mistress DOMINIQUE"

  • Reviewed by C

    I had a great time with mistress dominique. She is SO BEAUTIFUL I loved evry second! she showed me who the boss is. It felt like a dream. A dream that every person is dreaming about:) "Thank you"

  • Reviewed by Janes bland

    OMG WERE DO I START. She is the most beautiful woman in the world

  • Reviewed by Kay

    Strong, sensual, sexy, and strict, Dominique exudes confidence and conducts an intense and engaging session. On my first visit here, she patiently heads out my request and fulfilled it with flair and creative additions.

  • Reviewed by Mikey

    Dominique is exquisite, from head to toe. One of the sexiest mistresses you will ever see. She is also excellent at her trade, from sweet and sensual to nasty and ruthless. Easy to just get lost in her loveliness. The cream of the crop!

  • Reviewed by Mikey

    Dominique is exquisite, from head to toe. One of the sexiest mistresses you will ever see. She is also excellent at her trade, from sweet and sensual to nasty and ruthless. The cream of the crop!

  • Reviewed by N

    Mistress Dominique is sexy and unique. A goddess from head to feet. Her Sensual techniques will make you weak. Her Alluring Mystique proves she's someone you must meet. The rest of my critique I cannot speak.

  • Reviewed by Michael

    Dominique is beautiful, alluring, warm, creative and accommodating. Had an amazing session with her today. Highly commend her. Can’t wait to see her again!

  • Reviewed by

    Had a session with Dominique today for the first time. She has a great personality, a warm demeanor, an infectious smile/laugh, and was a pleasure to spend time with. Incredibly pretty too. A++

  • Reviewed by Subby

    Mistress Dominique was exquisite. Her touch is electrifying, her voice smooth as silk as she gives her commands. One simply can not not obey. She can be dominant and sensual at the same time. Sessions with Her are beyond perfect.

  • Reviewed by Jeffrey

    Mistress Dominique is fabulous! She memorized and performed my scenario better than anyone could dream, was strict and stern as requested, and punished exceedingly skillfully. She is also hot as Hades physically and the true incarnation of her verbal profile description, highly adept and talented in simultaneous heavy control and corporal punishment if these are desired, as they were in my instance. Gorgeous, sexy, generous with her subject's wishes- what more could one crave? Certainly I look impatiently, longingly, and avidly forward to our next session, which I'm quite confident will be even more rewarding given Mistress Dominique's intelligence, memory, intuition, powers of observation, and overall multitude of strengths.

  • Reviewed by Raymond G

    Had a great time with Mistress Dominique last week. I was originally scheduled to see a different Mistress, but she became unavailable. Normally, I don't see another Mistress if mine becomes unavailable because I mentally prepare for a specific one. I was asked if I wanted to meet the other available Mistresses and I agreed, but said I probably wouldn't stay. By the time I saw Mistress Dominique, I was wavering and agreed to stay. Mistress Dominique is stunning, has gorgeous eyes, and a nice personality. She did an excellent job as my Teacher in our Teacher/student role play. She's very adept at administering corporal punishment. I was still sore and red after 3 days. Mistress Dominique is definitely someone to see for a session.

  • Reviewed by Greg

    Just had a rather screwed-up session at Mistress Elizabeth's. I had booked an appointment with Sarahmoon, but when I arrived she wasn't in. I was shown into a small, hot room and left waiting there. After 15 minutes I used my phone to call the front desk and ask what was going on. From the person's reaction it was obvious that they'd forgotten about me. After 5 more minutes someone came in and said that Sarahmoon wasn't coming to work that day. I asked to see Betty instead. Betty came in to say hello and I said I'd like to session with her, but then she said she wouldn't be available for half an hour, which didn't fit with my schedule. More waiting, then the office manager came back and told me that 3 mistresses were available immediately. I met them and chose Dominique because she asked a lot of questions about what kind of session I wanted. Among other things, I said I wanted CBT. Finally we got into a room--almost an hour after my original appointment-- and began the session. It was okay. I've had better, I've had worse. She did what I said my interests were, but didn't take it beyond that. Very little creativity. I specifically told her "No marks" but I came home with bruising on my penis. Afterward she told me that she rarely does CBT, which I would have appreciated her telling me up front.

  • Reviewed by James

    I had a session this afternoon with Mistress Dominique and I had a fantastic time. I can't wait to be able to come back again.

  • Reviewed by Ginger

    Mistress Dominique is a Goddess. She is my Daddy. She is caring and nurturing, she can be soft and sensual. She can easily turn into a big bitch if you forget your place as her little bitch. Her curvaceous athletic strong fit body demands to be worshiped. As a true lifestyle Dom she knows how to manipulate week willed little boys like me. Mistress Dominique delights in emasculating me and training me to be her proper sissy slut. I am soft puddy in her presence, you will be to.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    I was fortunate to catch Dominique at the last moments of her shift and was able to session with her once again. Our session was more intense than before as she pushed limits physically and took over my mind. Her professionalism and open mind allowed me to open up to her without fear. She took advantage and showed me the error of my ways. Of course she was beautiful as always and I left knowing I had a great session.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    On a day that I had time to session early I hoped to see Dominique but discovered that she was already booked for a session. I couldn't wait and had to leave: something that I rarely ever do. Later in the day I was able to return and Dominique was available then. We decided to have Penelope tip in for a fun role-play. Penelope fit in well as I discovered that she is heavy handed. After she left, Dominique intensified the corporal punishment and decided to use a toy on me. I left a bit sore and with my desire for kink totally satisfied.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    Dropped in unexpectedly and met several Ladies who were beautiful, engaging and experienced each in different measures. It was difficult to choose though I did select Dominique. She suggested that Eve tip in to observe some new activities. We had fun doing new things together. Dominique is an excellent listener who is poised and beautiful. I felt comfortable sharing my innermost thoughts with her and hope to see her again.

DISCLAIMER: I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no sex being offered. Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.


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