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    Dark Brown
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Goddess Vanessa is the sadistic, seductive dark-haired beauty of your wildest dreams

With many years of lifestyle and professional experience, her expertise is not to be taken lightly.


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Mistress vanessa

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25 Review for "mistress VANESSA"

  • Reviewed by Todd

    Last night I had another wonderful hour and a half session with Vanessa. She doesn't disappoint as long as you are very respectful and open with her. Guys if you are looking for a GREAT time see Vanessa. Vanessa is very down to earth and will show you a great session it doesn't matter if you are new to this or been doing this for years Vanessa is the perfect Mistress. I always have a great time with her.

  • Reviewed by Ben (Emerson)

    It's hard to visit Mistress Vanessa without falling in love with her. I love Vanessa. It would be nice if she married me and decides to keep me as her house sub. Vanessa is a wonderful, beautiful, sensual lady, and a great domme. I would love to see her again.

  • Reviewed by Todd

    I just had a fabulous two hour session with the stunningly beautiful Vanessa. She does not disappoint, Vanessa always brings her A game. The pictures online really don't do her just, she is 100%s more beautiful. She came in wearing her eye glasses and she looked like the teacher we all wanted to be with. This was not the first time I sessioned with Vanessa, and she knew just want I wanted and it was perfect. The more you tread her with respect and kindness the better time she will show you just don't get her mad and you will surely pay the price. This was by far the best session I have had. Looking forward to seeing her again.

  • Reviewed by Sam

    I have been hesitant to see prodommes due to medical concerns (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) but I have no concerns with Vanessa. She can be a sadistic bitch-goddess one minute and, if needed, a caring nurturer the next. She can be as hard as you want while being as gentle as needed, and she always sees the line. If you have been unsure if your health allows you to see a domme, try Vanessa - you won’t be disappointed.

  • Reviewed by Todd

    I was lucky enough today to have Mistress Vanessa come into my session with Mistress Avery to say hello. I session with Vanessa about 7 years and go and it was great. Once Vanessa came in for a few minutes she knows just what I liked and needed. Vanessa knows how to very sensual or how to punish you. The more respect you show her the more she will show you. I cant wait to do another full session with Vanessa,

  • Reviewed by Mike

    Ugh I miss her so much and I just saw her last week!! The intimacy is unreal, her beauty is unreal, and her attention to u and nipple torture is unreal! Love her!

  • Reviewed by Jim

    First experience with a prodomme....Vanessa will have me coming back for more. She is not only beautiful and brilliant, but has a great sense of humor and clearly loves what she does. You're not worthy!

  • Reviewed by Maxwell

    Visiting Donatella’s for the first time, I was greeted by Vanessa, I guess filling in as hostess for the night. I was very taken by her in her plain clothes. Very adorable, cute, and very friendly and kind. Although I was there to session with someone, who just as well was an exceptional domme, I did go home fantasizing about the lovely Vanessa. If you like her pictures here, she is far more impressive in real life. Next time I will definitely session with Vanessa. Can’t wait. ;-)

  • Reviewed by mark price

    Wow just finished my first season with mistress vanessa and am speechless very professional from the moment she walked in I was stuck on her what a great body will definitely be back to see her

  • Reviewed by John

    This is my third review of Vanessa whom I have seen with regularity for more than two years ago. She is in a league of her own and somehow manages to keep things fresh and exciting despite now knowing one another. Earlier today, she helped me fulfill a longstanding fantasy involving multiple players, dommes and subs. Vanessa goes the extra mile for clients for which I am very grateful. Her skills, which are unsurpassed, are exceeded only by her creativity and beauty. She grows more beautiful with time. I, for one, love getting lost in her eyes, which, at times, presage a wickedness -- always deserved on my part.

  • Reviewed by David

    Goddess Vanessa captivated me from the moment I read her bio. Never have I met a woman with so many interests shared in the BDSM lifestyle. Every instinct was correct, from the moment I met her I knew she was the Goddess I had to worship and serve. The two hours I spent with her confirmed her talent as the supreme woman. I was delighted as she explored my kinks to perfection. Her suggestions for our next session have me eager to return to her so that I may continue to serve her, I am eternally hers.

  • Reviewed by ttsub

    I had a very fun switch session with Vanessa. First for me it was the submissive role where I provided foot worship and got some nipple play and then I was dominant and Vanessa was the willing student. Very fun and down to earth person, you will have fun indeed

  • Reviewed by Tommy2008

    My session with Vanessa was more than perfect. She is more beautiful in person and was very attentive to fullfilling my fantasy.

  • Reviewed by MM

    Vanessa is pleasure you will want to have again and again. Aside from the fact that she is so sexy, she communicates well and in context thus allowing the session to go deeper and deeper. You will enjoy everything about her as the time will fly and you wonder where it went so quickly.

  • Reviewed by John F.

    This is my second review of Goddess Vanessa. While my first review was glowing, I now realize, in retrospect, that it was woefully inadequate. Vanessa is gifted and truly remarkable in myriad ways. She is intuitive and intersperses a variety of activities during sessions with her (mine are typically 90 minutes) which ensures that our time together is interesting, suspenseful and throughly enjoyable. Add to that several of her obvious attributes, among them, intelligence and exceptional beauty, it then becomes clear why she is captivating and has held my attention like none before her in my 30+ years of dabbling. I am reveling now thinking about yesterday's get together.

  • Reviewed by JIM

    Vanessa owned me in the wrestling room. She floored me with a swift kick to the balls. Her verbal humiliation had me shivering on the mat.

  • Reviewed by Paul

    I just had one of the most enjoyable pain slut sessions with Mst. Vanessa. She's a true artist and I doubt Ill be able to sit down for a few days. Magnificent. She's very intuitive and pretty to boot. Will definitely return

  • Reviewed by John

    A few months ago, I met twice with Vanessa, once for a session where she was a domme and once where she was a switch. Both meetings were terrific. So much so that I now pl an to become a regular. She is talented, captivating and personable.

  • Reviewed by Jim

    There is something kinky about you Vanessa and I have to come visit you to confirm that when you re torturing me.

  • Reviewed by Victor

    Vanessa naturally has the sexiest feet. Stimulating her feet orally was a moment of intoxicating bliss. I was in heaven when my tongue was rubbing her soles. Smelling her toes was the most intense pheromonal rush. If you're a female foot fetishist, worshipping her feet is a must. You only live once, so come serve her and treat your lips to the everlasting experience of letting them touch this amazing woman's feet.

  • Reviewed by Peter

    I saw Vanessa for the first time today. I immediately felt a connection when she came in to introduce herself. She asked me to sit next to her, asked me about what I was looking for in a session. So, I picked her: great choice. She is stunning. She has the figure of a centerfold, no flaws whatsoever. She delivered on what we discussed 100%. She trampled me full weight everywhere and then she literally took my breath away  I was struggling for air under this beautiful and strong woman and I felt I was in heaven.. I will certainly see her again. And again, and again.

  • Reviewed by David

    From an assortment of incredibly attractive young women, I chose Mistress Vanessa for my session. She was excellent in all respects. She was very willing to play along with my fantasies, and really set the proper mood and tone for the session. She is a gorgeous young woman, and I was suitably intimidated by her beauty and overall presence. It was an extremely erotic session; Mistress Vanessa was very efective at verbally abusing and humiliating me. It was all very embarrassing but, of course, extremely exciting as well. I will definitely schedule a session with Mistress Vanessa again very soon. By the way, I was also very impressed with the facility itself. Really top notch, one of the best I have seen anywhere. Thanks again; looking forward to my return visit . David

  • Reviewed by The S&M Guy

    Can't wait to get the sensation back in my nipples so I can see Mistress Vanessa . Hot body and beautiful breasts! What more can you ask for ! Oh and nipple torture too.

  • Reviewed by Teddy

    I wont to make u a very happy mistress

  • Reviewed by Bobby

    Ms vanessa is soooo strong she totally overpiwered me when we were wrestling cant wait to see her again!!

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