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    6 1/2
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This sultry Mistress Goddess enjoys nipple torture, corporal, spanking, face slapping,...

This sultry Mistress Goddess enjoys nipple torture, corporal, spanking, CBT, face slapping, spitting, bondage, ass worshiping / praising, and a slave willing to do whatever to please her, sensual torture, role playing, smoking session And exploring your most extreme fantasies.


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Mistress scarlett

Week of   06/01 to 06/07


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5 Review for "mistress SCARLETT"

  • Reviewed by Ttsub

    When Mistress Scarlet smothers you with her big ole titties and sits on your face, you just gotta enjoy it, lol. Great time with her!!

  • Reviewed by Tim

    I had a session with Scarlett as a tip in.. and holy shit, it was amazing! I asked for a tickle torture session where I was restrained and tickled, and the session was going amazingly! The best session I had ever had.. then Scarlett came in and it became my best nightmare! I was hoping to use a safe word, but never had. Scarlett had me begging with tears of laughter in my eyes within minutes! It didn’t matter if it was my feet, armpits, neck, or my stomach (which literally made me flip like a fish), she had the exact touch with her nails to send my nerves flailing and give me the best session I could have imagined. Thank you Scarlett! And to any ticklees out there, if you have a chance to session with Scarlett, don’t wait and expect the wildest tickle torture you could ever imagine! She’s the real deal!

  • Reviewed by Mike

    I session with mistress Scarlett in the past, I am absolutely her slave, I worship her. As she speaks I listen and do anything for her, I beg to be her toilet as I’m not worthy of her, and need only of her punishment.

  • Reviewed by Jeff

    Why doesn’t Scarlett have a million reviews?? This domme is the real deal she will fuck you up until you do what you’re there to do. I’ve had forced sessions before but nothing like this. I had no choice in the matter whatsoever her hands are strong and there’s no such thing as I can’t do it because she’s going to destroy you until you do it. Holy mother she’s hot and I can’t wait to be owned by her

  • Reviewed by J808

    How does Scarlet not have a review?Pics don’t do her justice, cute in the face and a very sexy body. A real woman, she an amazing big round booty that you have to see in person. I’m a Dom and she was willing too switch for me, it was intense and she played the role play I established to a T.Run don’t walk to see her. Scarlet have a great week, your still on my mind. -J808

DISCLAIMER: I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no sex being offered. Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.


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