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    5 - 6
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    English - Korean
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Mistress Sato is shape-shifting succubus from Korea

Exceptionally fond of traditional Asiatic ways of discipline and in modern understanding of BDSM/fetish , she is truly proud of her impeachable style, artistically-perverted & sadistic mind, and her ability to beat any man  or brat into submission if she wanted to. Her petite body, covered in spellbinding tattoos that may even hint her bone-deep affinity towards sado-masochism, is capable of quite a damage and destruction despite the sweetness it possess. 


She is an artist and always in search for new muses — let her paint you like one of her French girls , tied up and suspended from the ceiling , or brutally beat and mummified to a pole… Recently have graduated from an Ivy League , Mistress Sato is truly one of the most sophisticated, cultured & educated, multi-talented, sadistically-gifted, creative, and unique dommes you will ever meet. 


She loves to be strict and sensual, she loves to be impressed and surprised. The more you can handle, the brighter her eyes shine with pure bliss and satisfaction.


She is sweet and rewarding to obedient subs, but she smiles her most twisted sadistic smile with a whip in her hands when she feels like her authority has been challenged slightly by a brat… Challenge her for more pain and she will gleefully make you scream for even more. Impress her with your submission and she shall reward you — in exchange of your soul !



“When I was 10 years old, I lined up the boys in my classroom and told them if they don’t cry after I slap them hard, I’ll give them a dollar. All the boys lined up to be slapped in their face , and I didn’t give away a single cent that day because I made all the boys cry one slap at a time— that was one of my earliest memories of being helplessly drawn to power, control, and sensuality of violence..”



Some of her favorites: 

Needle play, heavy impact, corporal, CBT,  body & boot worship, wrestling, kickboxing, trampling, smoke Fetish ,face slapping and spanking , sissification, medical play,  , training and discipline, role plays, interrogation/torture, financial domination, tease and denial, and all.


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Mistress sato

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5 Review for "mistress SATO"

  • Reviewed by Puddles

    First time session'ing in a long time, and I chose Mistress Sato. Mistress Sato might be new to DD, but is not new to the scene. In our pre-session talk we went over my fantasy, and she asked me a couple questions to make sure we got it right. I made one comment almost as an aside, and Mistress Sato knew that's something I really needed to complete my fantasy. Mistress Sato built me up just as much a she broke me down, continually responding to my reactions and adjusting as needed while went through our time together. Mistress Sato brought me to the edge at least a dozen times before our time was up, and I am exceptionally grateful for the way she masterfully got into my head space and took me to paradise. I can't recommend Mistress Sato enough - you won't regret session'ing with her, and I plan to session again as soon as possible.

  • Reviewed by Peter

    She is smart, warm, witty open-hearted and wonderful. She can pack a wallop but is also tender. Sato reads people very well and knows herself. She is an artist both by training and by temperament. Being in her good company is a joy that I hope to repeat many times.

  • Reviewed by Rafael

    I sessioned with Mistress Sato and she is truly a guiding force of passion and domination.. yes, she is truly the BEST you may ever have honor of serving. She is stunning in real life and so strong and amazing. She is a mind reader… I wonder almost if she indeed is a succubus goddess.

  • Reviewed by Jay

    Mistress Sato is an absolute beautiful and amazing Mistress. I felt honored to endure the pain she inflicted. Dominating subs comes naturally to her and she brought me to complete submission and helped me tap into my inner submissive self. She just read my mind . I will definitely come back to see her again to continue my submissive journey.

  • Reviewed by Eddie

    I just had a session with mistress Sato and it was probably the best session of my life. She was super dominant and read my mind and gave me everything I wanted and needed and she was able to turn it up or turn it down whenever she felt I needed it I highly recommend her and I can’t wait to serve her again. She fulfilled all of my fantasies

DISCLAIMER: I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no sex being offered. Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.


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