Vital stats

  • Height:

  • Size:

  • Dress Size:

  • Body Type:

  • Hair Color:

    Black /Purple
  • Eye Color:

    Dark Brown
  • Shoe Size:

  • Birthday:

  • Zodiac Sign:

  • Ethnic Background:

    Brazilian - German
  • Languages:

    English - Portuguese
  • Smoker:


Sweet like velvet sugar yet wickedly evil.

Demanding and playful are some of Her characteristics. If you like different and exotic, this german brazilian Seductress is the right choice.


Sarah Moon is here to bring all your wildest fantasies to life. Trust, respect, and open mindedness are key words for Her. All are welcome to be caught in Her web of seduction, and those deemed worthy may be rewarded.


She seeks interesting people to spend time with and explore their boundaries. Limits are always respected and only pushed with consent. She may show you the way, but only if you allow Her to... and you already know you do. 


Let Her take you on a journey into submission and discipline. Listen to Her soothing voice as you simply sink into Her eyes and give in more and more. Allow yourself to be Her prey, for She loves to play with Her food.


She is always empathetic to all Her littles’ needs and as long as you remain obedient you could be awarded a very tasty treat, or find how much Her thick thighs could lead to your last breath if not properly worshipped.


Open to switch and submissive sessions. 


 She awaits eagerly for your message. 


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Mistress sarahmoon

Week of   03/08 to 03/14

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Review for mistress SARAHMOON

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15 Review for "mistress SARAHMOON"

  • Reviewed by Kay

    Charismatic and energetic, Sarahmoon doesn’t hesitate to go the extra mile to deliver an exceptional session. My first one with her was a blast!

  • Reviewed by Hunter

    Sarahmoon was really remarkable and stunningly beautiful. I had a lovely session with her and cannot recommend her enough! :)

  • Reviewed by Cary

    SarahMoon was so fantastic and attentive to my needs, highly recommended!

  • Reviewed by Ben

    I have been into kink for 17 years. I can say, without question, the best session Ive ever had was yesterday with Sarahmoon. She gave me the most pain I have ever had and pushed me even further. The way she conducted herself was a mixture of caring and very intense (in a very great way.)  If youre able, go and have a blissful session with her and you will not be disappointed. For what its worth, I almost went back later that day for another hour. Iv never had that type of desire after doing a session with someone before.

  • Reviewed by Art

    Long story short... She is super cool & Down to earth ... Natural electrical charming Ora who will please you with your best desires ...

  • Reviewed by Doc

    I am Goddess Sarah Moon’s slave male who lost his anal virginity to Goddess Sarah Moon. I wish to fully submit my ass to my Divine Mistress and be dressed like a sissy for my Goddess’s delight. Please take my ass, take me my little cock and balls, take me all, rule me, use me. I love it when you make look at myself in the mirror dressed as Goddess Sarah Moon’s sissy. I am sure you would remember me Goddess. I am sure you would remember me Goddess, I am your sissy who you conquered at the first sight and then made me long for more and more. All yours Goddess. Sorry for my slightly delayed review. At your feet under your divine ass Goddess.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    Sarahmoon tipped in to my session with Kay. She was about to do something to me that no other client has been able to handle. Being adventurous and not wanting to disappoint both Mistresses I dared to go ahead with it. Sarahmoon was able to achieve her goal with me for the very first time. Of course she left me suffering the consequences which continued after she departed the session. She is beautiful and fascinating. She told me that she is more perverted than her clients. That is something we have to talk about because I am usually more perverted than my Mistresses. Maybe I met my match.

  • Reviewed by Littlle D

    Had a fantastic time with Mistress SarahMoon and no words can describe how mesmerizing this woman is! She is sexy, fun, creative, respectful and very intuitive! Definitely will be coming back!

  • Reviewed by Peter

    SarahMoon is a gift to the kink communit! She is incredibly attractive, smart and self-aware, and – how shall I put this – she plays convincingly at being just a tiny bit bat shit crazy. It’s probably an act, to some extent, but there’s something very powerful, charismatic and authentic about this woman. Our session was built around a creative roleplay scenario, and within the parameters of that narrative, she did things to me that probably would have genuinely scared me, except that I trusted her a thousand percent. She is WONDEFUL!!!! Read her self-description on the Donatella Den homepage. And if you think she might be a good fit for what you have in mind, don’t hesitate - book that session!

  • Reviewed by The S&M Guy!!!

    Just finished my session with Sarahmoon and I couldn’t wait to write this. I can only describe her as sweet sadistic . She brought me to places I’ve never been before or about apprehensive about trying. I must say I enjoyed it very much! She has looks and a figure similar to Betty Page and that was a big turn on for me. (Her face is concealed in her profile pictures so I wasn’t sure what to expect). And once again a big thank you to all the lovely mistresses who took the time out of their busy schedule to take part in the group humiliation and spanking . Another memorable session at DD’s !

  • Reviewed by J

    WOW... her pictures don't do her justice. Beautiful and confident. Mistress SaraMoon was the perfect combination of torture and pleasure. Respecting limits while challenging them. Would love to see her again.

  • Reviewed by Michael

    Mesmerizing Eyes, awesome smile, tender loving face with a fierce determination to get what she wants! Her enthusiasm and knowledge to make the session perfect is unwavering. She listens and then understands by reactions. That only comes with experience, knowledge and great instinct. Sarah's great looks and body make the experience even more over the top (the pictures do not do her justice). All of that adds up to me hoping to session with her again real soon. The anticipation is exhilarating! I highly recommend that you find out for yourself. Thank you Sarahmoon.

  • Reviewed by M

    I have been counting the days since the last time I saw You, My Goddess. I've sent emails and asked about You ever since You went on Your retreat but every answer was the same. I had dreams about Your bewitching eyes upon me, Your body against mine as You smile - oh, what a beautiful smile - feeling me helpless and in complete ecstasy. Your hands know my body better than I do at this point and I simply cannot resist to push further to see that beautiful smile grow bigger on such delicate face. I am waiting for You, My Goddess.

  • Reviewed by Dave

    I with out any hesitation will say i will revisit with Sarahmoon again! All i will say is that when we spoke before our session and went over things i have done in the past as well as what i would like to experience it was absolutely perfect. She has mastered her craft

  • Reviewed by Jeff

    Sarahmoon is gorgeous! She is commanding, demanding, absolutely gorgeous in person.... looks even better than her photos, she is the hottest domme at Donatella right now. Do not hesitate to see her and treat her right!

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