Mistress SAMIRA


Vital stats

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  • Dress Size:

    10 - 12
  • Body Type:

  • Hair Color:

    Red Brown
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“Miss Samira is an intelligent, sophisticated girl with a voice as sweet as her disposition,

and a set of curves as wicked as her thoughts.

Once you step into a scene with Samira, she’ll use her dulcet tones to build a world around you where you are nothing but a mindless waste of sentience who’s only use is whatever Samira chooses.

To be verbally torn apart and psychologically broken by Samira is an indulgence like no other. 


Miss Samira adores financial domination, humiliation and degradation, foot and body worship, impact play, tease and denial, spanking, all types of role play, forced feminization, forced bi, crossdressing, human ashtray, spitting, smoking torture, pet play, human furniture, and CBT. 


NOTHING gets her more excited for a session than a sub who provides a proper, generous tribute. 


Succumb to Miss Samira’s desires and let her bring you to the brink. 


For those of you looking to see a more submissive side of Samira, feel free to try your luck. Samira could be the most obedient girl- but she will only submit to a true Dom(me). ”


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Mistress samira

Week of   02/06 to 02/12

  • Tuesday 10:30 am - 6:30 pm
  • Thursday 10:30 am - 6:30 pm
  • Friday 10:30 am - 6:30 pm

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9 Review for "mistress SAMIRA"

  • Reviewed by Dark blue

    This was my first session and Mistress Samira made it that much special. She knew it was my fist time and she listened to what I wanted to do . She also brought in mistress LuLu to make the experience so much better. I will def come back and see mistress Samira again.

  • Reviewed by Master Mark

    DD is always a journey down a path of discovery -- what you want and fantasize and what your partner seeks. Samira is indeed someone with whom you wish to journey. She is a wonderful woman who bears insights into the lifestyle and herself. Though this was our first scene, things moved along like we have had many scenes. I intend to do just that so that I may continue our journey together. I recommend that anyone willing to do so should also journey with this sublimely beautiful woman. The time spent together will be worth it!

  • Reviewed by rob

    If you are like me when your in the presence of natural alpha beauty and power you become a pathetic mesmerized mindless weak obedient submissive then Mistress Samira is someone you need and become addicted to. Mistress Samira will incorporate all your wants and fantasies into your session. If your a true beta boy who needs an alpha women to control you, Mistress Samira will make your desire come true.

  • Reviewed by Jungo

    I couldn't help it - I had another (2nd) session with Mistress Samira. She was just so amazing I couldn't miss out. While my first session with Mistress Samira was amazing, this one was NOTHING like it. On my first session, I told Mistress Samira what I wanted to explore and how new I was to the scene. This time - Mistress Samira had plans of her own. She already knew what I might like before I could even think about it. Testing out boundaries and limits (while communicating everything beforehand) she kept me guessing. It seemed like Mistress Samira was enjoying the exploration almost as much as I was - I appreciate Mistress Samira immensely! Mistress Samira had Mistress Mina bless us with her presence just so I would experience new things. It was evident Mistress Samira was eager to give me a taste of what's out there. Mistress Samira was patient with me but very strict. You couldn't expect everything to go as you please when someone like Mistress Samira is in charge. But the rewards... So worth it While I'm sure Mistress Samira can do just about EVERYTHING, Sensation play is an expertise. I didn't know what to expect as every few minutes something new was going on. Since I'm new, I only heard about the light headedness that can come from playing with a Mistress - What a strange new sensation. I actually physically stumbled. Had to sit down for several minutes after our session just to collect myself Yes, Mistress Samira will do that to you

  • Reviewed by Jungo

    I'm addicted - I couldn't help it. I know I want to try new things and experience various things, but I'm addicted. Mistress Samira has me under her spell without even trying. She'll trick you with her beautiful smile and her lovely demeanor, but PLEASE don't be fooled - Don't go down this path if you're not planning on addiction. She never pushes, never even had the chance to offer another session, before I was asking for her schedule. I don't know why, but I was nervous for this session. Something about actually knowing Mistress Samira was in control. No longer an idea, actual control. As it happens, it's possible to have each session better than its previous. After a brief play, Mistress Samira had Mistress Eve join us for something new - It's amazing that a Mistress wants you to explore new things and not just stay on a 'winning idea'. Couldn't ask for more. The beautiful Mistress Eve came in and had me experience suspension. Everything was between Mistress Samira and Mistress Eve - I had no choice but to obey as best I could. After a dizzying experience, I was left with Mistress Samira who did not miss a beat and kept the energy up. I was not expecting to feel a rush this time, but Mistress Samira kept me guessing and before I knew it my head was spinning

  • Reviewed by Jungo

    Wonderful experience with Mistress Samira! I am a novice and Mistress Samira took the time to listen and understand my asks and needs and was very open and helpful. After a brief conversation, I knew she was the right Mistress with a great energy that drew me in immediately. Mistress Samira helped me explore new kinks and ease me into the scene while testing boundaries in a safe way. It was amazing to see Mistress Samira enjoying herself during the session - It did not feel one-sided. Seeing her happy made it all the better! Mistress Samira has so many ways to trigger sensation kinks I'm excited to keep exploring. While strict, Mistress Samira was kind and rewarded good behavior Mistress Samira is far more beautiful than her profile pictures if you will be lucky enough to gaze upon her body and take a peek at her beautiful tattoos Can't wait for my next session with Mistress Samira

  • Reviewed by Joe

    Samira is a natural Femdome, very tentative to my needs and desires with a great balance of strict discipline that compels you to obey. I will have to come back soon.

  • Reviewed by Vice

    Mistress Samira is a complete natural- relaxed, professional, and of course very beautiful. I felt very safe trusting my fantasies with her, and she brought them to life with ease. Don't skip out on her!

  • Reviewed by Sol

    Mistress Samira was phenomenal. She led the way and was a real pleasure to serve her. Cannot wait to have the opportunity to serve her again. My best experience ever!

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