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    9 1/2
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When Mistress Madora Diamond enters the room, time ceases.

Men describe Madora as a statuesque Goddess. It is said that her cinched, doll-like waist accentuates the curvature of her hips in ways that bring them to their knees. But reader, be warned: it does not simply stop at carnality. Whether sensual or dominant, the seductive tone of her voice will guide you to the depths of your mind and immerse you in the experience she is. As a versatile Mistress, she can soothe and encourage, or pierce and penetrate with her wordplay and skill. One side, kind. One side, cruel. Both undeniably indulgent. 


Will you be punished or rewarded? 


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Mistress madora

Week of   06/27 to 07/03

  • Thursday 10:30 am - 6:30 pm
  • Friday 10:30 am - 6:30 pm

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3 Review for "mistress MADORA"

  • Reviewed by Steve

    I had an incredible session with Madora the other day. While she is beautiful in her pictures they do not do Justice to meeting her in person. I was half way through the “meet and greet” when she walked in and my jaw dropped. But more importantly when we talked she and I clicked. I asked her to let the manager know that I was picking her. Additionally I like a more “domestic look” when I session and Madors totally changed into a dress that was perfect for the role we played. She was incredible in the role, stayed in character and was great a reading my reactions and adjusting the intensity of our session. I can not wait unit I am lll can go back to DD and see Madora.

  • Reviewed by Jack2233

    I haven't been to a Mistress in over five years. After Meeting Mistress Madora, I regret the time off I took. She is extremely beautiful, with perfect features and amazing ass. The thing obliged most about her was her intuition. She was able to gauge what I wanted from the session from the first second, and left me begging for more. I left after my session and came right back for another! She is the real deal! Super strict, and super sexy!

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    I met 5 Mistress and each brought something to the table that suggested I would have a successful session. Whether it was beauty, attitude, experience, open-mindedness and any number of intangibles none were out of the running. I chose Diamond and discovered that she fit beautifully with me. She looks better than her photos but her mind was the most beautiful part of her makeup as a Mistress. I felt very comfortable and was able to trust her right from the start. The only negative was that I didn't have the time and I didn't bring the money to extend the session. I will see her again to pick up where we left off.

DISCLAIMER: I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no sex being offered. Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.


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