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Why are you here? Would you like to escape the usual reality?

To go to a special world free of judgment and full of arousal and freedom… I’m here for the same, let’s meet.

Successful in my professional life I play kinky games for my pleasure and creative self-expression. I am educated in management at university, and my interests outside of kink include books, music, and art.

I will be happy to meet with an experienced man or newbie who is ready for a deep and sensual session.

To lead you to the special state of mind we will have an initial talk to build trust first and then… you don't need to worry about what will be next anymore. Just be brave enough to expand your boundaries and get the release and reward.

My mood and sessions range from sensual and playful to strict and severe but I’m always totally in charge. I enjoy stimulating conversations, body worshiping (feet, butt, armpits), teasing and denial, restrictions and sensory play, corporal punishments, and CBT, animal and role play. I have many fetishes like heels and boots, lingerie and stockings, leather and harness, medical and military, and foreigners.

Our kinky time will not only please your sexual deviation but helps you to grow spiritually and feel better in your normal life and business.

So let’s go down this rabbit hole together! =)


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We accept appointments Monday through Friday form 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and Saturday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.. We do make exceptions, so if you have a special request please speak to our receptionist.

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Send me your doubts or queries and I will answer as soon as possible.

Mistress linda-mayz

Week of   12/05 to 12/11

  • Friday 4:00 pm - 12:00 pm
  • Saturday 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Review for mistress LINDA-MAYZ

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6 Review for "mistress LINDA-MAYZ"

  • Reviewed by ttsub

    I had an amazing time with Mistress Linda Mayz. Just a great person and he is very creative with her sessions. You gotta let this beautiful woman sit on your face, lol

  • Reviewed by bob

    It was my first time to the dungeon and I was so fortunate that I selected Mistress Linda-Mayz. She spent a long time with me before the session trying to understand what I was hoping to experience, not only physically, but also spiritually and psychologically. And then she was just amazing, leaving me wanting more, and determined to come back for more visits with her in the future. And by the way she is absolutely beautiful!

  • Reviewed by Tom

    I visited NYC and had such a great visit to Dontella’s. Linda was so perfect for me and she created an experience I will never forget. I’ve been thinking about it ever since and I can’t wait to visit again. Thank you Linda for being my muse. Someday I hope to return the favor. You are forever a song in my heart.

  • Reviewed by Ro

    I’ve been going here for years but never came across a dom like Mistress Linda. She is not just beautiful but also a great human being who understands your kinks and delivers to make the session delightful. I’ve sessioned with her a few times already and I can say each one was unique in its own ways where we both explored each other’s fantasies while learning new things about bdsm, fetish and kink play. Kudos to the management for bringing her onboard. More to look forward!!

  • Reviewed by Jimmy

    Mistress Linda is truly loving the bdsm and the vibe between me and her is just amazing, I haven't been experienced this chemistry for a long time!

  • Reviewed by stooge

    Dear GODDESS Linda, your personality is perfect, you are wonderful

DISCLAIMER: I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no sex being offered. Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.


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