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    Filipino American
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"Mistress Kay has a warm demeanor and can guarantee a sensual experience to help you escape from all of life's stressors.

Kay has a warm demeanor and can guarantee a sensual experience to help you escape from all of life's stressors. During your time together, the mind and body will be tuned into anew. What matters more-is the connection shared and through playful dominance the time will be worth while.

 She is wonderful at reading Her submissive's body language, respecting limits, yet stretching those limits at the same time. She has a wicked sense of humor with a loving touch when deserved

 The nurturing quality Mistress Kay shares will allow my submissive to feel safe and obedient"


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Mistress kay

Week of   07/22 to 07/28

  • Thursday 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Friday 10:30 am - 6:30 pm
  • Saturday 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

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11 Review for "mistress KAY"

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    The day after I sessioned with Chasity I hoped I could see Kay. Fortunately a slot was available later in the day and we did meet. I searched all over for my belt before coming in and felt I would disappoint Kay cause I didn't find it. She has learned how to wield it most effectively. I mentioned that I sessioned the night before which she knew and was told that I appeared emotionally down then. So true with many complications in my perverted life. I told her I couldn't find my belt to which she replied that she found it last time and kept it just for me. We spoke about my last comments that I felt I was cheating her and also used the term "cruel vindictive bitch." Hoping that I explained satisfactorily she ordered me to get into position when the most intensive corporal started. I reacted by saying "I didn't even have a warmup" and she said "this IS the warmup." During a rest she began unbearable nipple torture. Repeating that pattern a couple of times she then began a spanking which went on and on. Eventually she stopped. It took a while to get into a sitting position when I asked how many strokes she administered. She laughed and said "I lost count at 80." Then more cruel nipple torture. When she checked my butt with only 5 minutes left in session she said "the redness is fading, I am not happy." So back in position she whipped me again until time ran out, leaving my butt even redder than before. I didn't feel that I cheated her this time and even if she was cruel and vindictive I want her to be happy in session. When she came back into the room I asked if anyone out there heard us. It seems that one Mistress heard and commented to Kay how intense and prolonged the punishment was. I am ok now, once again, after getting the worst beating ever at this dungeon including at the old location. Kay owns my body and perhaps my soul.

  • Reviewed by Todd

    Just had a GREAT session with Kay, When she walks into the room her beautiful with stop you in your tracks. We talked for a few minutes to go over my session and she was more then happy and willing to do my session. She is great in session very open and I can not wait to have another session with her the hour and half went by like nothing. Kay has a stunning smile and amazing eyes and legs. I have been going to Donatella's for almost 12 years and I would say that Kay is a one of the best that I have seen. There are only 2 or three other ladies that are equal to her.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    Visited Ms. Kay after a couple of weeks since the last session. Not completely fit from my mishap and wasn't seeking an intense session. We played at a non-intense level doing things that are not physically stressful but definitely humiliating to the sub and enjoyable to the Mistress. Kay mentioned that she would enjoy giving a spanking if only we could figure out a way that won't stress my healing injury. I always want to please my precious doll of a Mistress so I agreed to do a second session after getting more cash. When I returned she told me that I spent too much time talking about another woman and that she felt disrespected and jealous. Wow, she never took offense to the many details of my sexual perversions and illicit relationships with other women before. Maybe she felt I was comparing other women to her and left her as second best. It wasn't true but she was angry and unusually passionate. She took my belt and gave me a series of beatings which had me howling in pain to her sadistic delight. During one of the beatings I heard someone yell "walking" and heard footsteps pass by the door. Anyway she had me whining and whimpering for most of the session and continued each beating till I cried. It was the worst beating I ever received at this dungeon. I asked Kay if anyone heard me in the hall. She said yes, the manager heard and was quite impressed. I'm ashamed to face the manager now after I carried on that way. Kat thanked me for submitting to such a strict beating. I should have said it was unbearable but I had to suffer for your enjoyment. Instead I said, I really feel I cheated you and didn't take enough for you. Bad move and easy to misunderstand. She said "OK, next time I'll go harder." Looks like I need to clarify what I meant or be prepared to suffer the consequences. I've experienced Kay as a precious doll. Now I may find out what Kay is like as a cruel and vindictive bitch. My butt is still sore 2 days later. Can't get her out of my head.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    Sessioned with Ms. Kay at least 2 more times since my last review. Today I was not physically able to endure a strict corporal session but wanted to see her anyway. We reverted to a different kind of session with another activity I enjoy greatly. They I felt the urge to feel her fingers on my nipples. She was gentle at first and gradually intensified the severity of the torture. She had be moaning and yelling to her delight. My nipples are quite sore now and will remain that way for a few days at least. Kay is such a precious darling that I could bundle her up and take her home all for myself. She is too pretty and delicate to inflict pain but that doesn't stop her at all. Our corporal sessions are getting more and more intense. There is a special woman in my life who knows that I visit here. Whenever I plan to see Kay she writes down a spanking plan. Each time it gets worse and worse. I hope that next time she lessens the ordeal as I have not had a good spanking in a while and may have to build up my endurance once again. In any case, a spanking from Kay is like a trip to heaven plus pain. I am proud to endure her spankings and return to my friend to have my butt examined just to make sure that Kay did a good job. Kay always does a good job and hopes to increase the punishment beyond my limits.

  • Reviewed by Michael

    Another amazing session with Kay. Kay is breathtakingly beautiful, kind, intuitive, and eager to meet your needs. Every second with Kay is a true gift. A session with Kay is a mind blowing gift. I can’t wait to see her again. She’s truly extraordinary.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    Saw Mistress Kay a week ago and again today. I shared some more of my naughty secrets with her just to see if that would put her in the frame of mind to deliver a strict spanking. It did. I had to sit on a bus all the way home with a sore butt. She played her role creatively and applied the punishment with an enthusiasm she could not conceal. So I have a case of "spanking fever" which she acknowledged after placing her hands on my red cheeks. She looks a bit like Mistress Koi of the Fetish Fortress, petite and beautiful. She is also quite intelligent as well. I will see her again after the "fever" goes away.

  • Reviewed by Alan Bernstein

    Kay is the very best.nobody sexier I would see her everyday if i can afford ot!

  • Reviewed by

    Kay was excellent. I can't stop thinking of. her.i will never stop loving her.Al

  • Reviewed by Alan

    I am new.to the to this.i wad nervous but kay made me feelvery comfortable. She is very beautiful and and treats you right.i reallywill moreinvoled

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    Saw Kay for the first time today and had to session with her. She is an empathetic and enthusiastic young Lady who is so easy to talk to and so pleasant to look at. I showed her some new things to try in session and shared some of my secrets. I think this is the beginning of a connection which will grow in intensity as we move forward. As sweet as she is I think there is a hardcore domme just waiting to come out. I will find out soon I'm sure.

  • Reviewed by Michael

    Kay was absolutely fantastic. In our session I was the dom and she submitted to bondage and tickling. She was sensual, funny, easy going, and gave me an amazing time. Highly recommend.

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