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"Mistress Kay has a warm demeanor and can guarantee a sensual experience to help you escape from all of life's stressors.

Kay has a warm demeanor and can guarantee a sensual experience to help you escape from all of life's stressors. During your time together, the mind and body will be tuned into anew. What matters more-is the connection shared and through playful dominance the time will be worth while.

 She is wonderful at reading Her submissive's body language, respecting limits, yet stretching those limits at the same time. She has a wicked sense of humor with a loving touch when deserved

 The nurturing quality Mistress Kay shares will allow my submissive to feel safe and obedient"


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Mistress kay

Week of   11/30 to 12/06


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29 Review for "mistress KAY"

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    A day after sessioning with Ms. Kat I came in to see Ms. Kay. She was finally able to bring in Sarahmoon as a tip in. For that period of time Sarahmoon took over and tried something with me that her other clients where unsuccessful in handling. Kay was confident in me and I could not disappoint both Ladies. I made Kay proud of me and Sarahmoon pleasantly surprise that I handled what she had in store. It was a struggle but I couldn't fail them. Kay spent the rest of the session putting me back together and talking about future session possibilities. There is no end to my kink and Heaven wouldn't be a very nice place if it was missing an Angel like Kay.

  • Reviewed by Todd

    Had another GREAT session with the beautiful Mistress Kay. She remembered everything that I wanted in my session and I cant wait for the next session

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    This is my second session since posting my last review of Ms. Kay. I was okay with having another tip in and it seemed that Ginger was the only one free at the moment. It had been many months since our last session and it was great to see her again. She looks so much like someone I know and it would be scandalous for our secrets to be known. I just pretended that Ginger was that person. Ginger had her way with me and, after she left, Kay took over and made sure that I suffered for the balance of the session. Kay is precious and lovely as always and Ginger is an incredible double. Incredible session.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    Heading home and sitting uncomfortably with my butt stinging from the abuse Ms Kay dealt me. I hadn’t had a strict session since before the Holidays and she was eager to “hurt” me this time. She is there to be pleased but I didn’t handle the pain well. Of course I give her many reasons to punish me and if I was a better person on the outside she would have less motivation to beat the Hell out of me. She might even care when I beg for mercy.

  • Reviewed by Jery

    I have not visited the dungeon with the same frequency as I did last year. I missed Kay and, honestly, a few others from sessions last year. It was great to see my precious Mistress once again and it was so nice to hear that she was concerned about my well-being. She doesn't want anything bad to happen to me outside of the dungeon. During our session she kept things within reasonable limits since I had not been feeling well for a while. But she took the opportunity to remind me how sensitive my nipples are by inflicting enough pain to make me squeal and beg. She is my weakness: so beautiful and so cruel at the same time. I have to keep myself well so I can come back for more.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    I arrived early for my last visit to wait for Ms Kay to arrive. She greeted me in civilian clothes looking stylish and stunningly beautiful. Neither of us was up to a heavy corporal session. We did something new for her entertainment. After that we tried another fun activity which tested my ability to cope with slowly increasing pain. I had to endure to please my Mistress and she can tell how intense my suffering is by the redness of my face. She left me fulfilled and drained without leaving a mark. I hope to see her this week despite family and personal troubles.

  • Reviewed by Jim

    Mistress Kay was wonderful. Attentive, caring, and a lovely personality. Be sure to see her!

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    Visited my precious Mistress before the Holidays to endure some of her devious tortures. She expressed some disappointment with my last review. The fact that the marks didn’t last very long makes her want to punish me even worse next time. I tried to explain that the soft leather didn’t damage the surface but did make me very sore below the surface. She wasn’t persuaded. Next time I have to bring a less pliable belt so she can leave lots of welts on my butt that will last for days. What can I say? I want her to be happy. I can’t resist.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    The inevitable heavy corporal session with Ms. Kay finally took place. I woke up feeling sore in places she never touched with the belt. That was the result of the squirming and struggling after each lash that she gleefully doled out. She used my belt made of soft leather. It doesn't do much damage to the surface of the skin but it hurts intensely as she delivers full force strokes. My butt is barely marked but my cheeks are a bit swollen. We did a role-play which was more like a psychodrama. It was so realistic that we could believe the reality of the encounter. It was not a Mistress/sub encounter; it was so deeply personal as if we've been involved in an eternal struggle that could only be made right when I submitted to her wrath. It was almost a religious or mystical experience. Besides the severity of the punishment I had to endure her cruelest words. It is true, however, that the loud crack of the belt and my moans and pleas often drowned out what she was saying. One thing I did hear is that I will be reminded of her whenever I sit down for the next several days. That is so true. I've had this kind of session only with Mistresses who are deeply attuned to the angst in my soul and can dwell in that world with me. The corporal experience, once again, was the most intense for me at this dungeon. Ms. Kay has outdone herself once again.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    After missing Kay for two weeks (and not coming in to Donatella's at all during that period,) I made a point of sessioning with her this time. We used our time to do some of the less intense things we did before and didn't get into the strict corporal activities she is deceptively great at. By the time I had to leave we left open the possibility I could return before her shift ended for a stricter session. Alas, my schedule didn't permit me the luxury of coming back so I have only to look forward to the next opportunity to feel her wrath. I will try to be good in the meantime.

  • Reviewed by Todd

    I have been going to Donatella's for over 15 years and have seen a lot of Mistresses, and Kay is without a doubt one of the best Mistresses at Donatellas, Today was my second session with Kay and it was even more amazing then the first one. Kay came in to talk with me for a few minutes to going over everything for me session and anything new, and I have to see the two hours I spent with Kay was amazing. Kay got everything just right. Her picture really does not do her justice, Kay is very beautiful and stunning in person. Kay has a perfect smile and great legs especially in stockings. Kay knows how to push you to your limits and then pushes those limits a little further, but always making sure that you are ok. Kay had a few new mistresses come and she did a training session but all the while making sure that the other mistresses respected my limits. Having a two hour session I did not feel rushed and Kay was really about to get into everything I wanted and then some. I can-t wait to see Kay again and find out what else she has in store for my session and my limits.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    I saw that Ms. Kay was on the schedule on a day she usually is off. I haven't been able to come to the dungeon in the last 2 weeks due to Holiday, family and other issues. I miss Kay a lot and wish I could have been free. My urge for kink is strong and I have been holding out and hoping nothing comes up to keep me from being available when she is scheduled in the near future.

  • Reviewed by Bobby

    Met kay in wrestling room. We gloved up and put in a great workout. alot of fun. she is great.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    I was able to see my precious Mistress Kay on a day that I didn't feel well but I couldn't bear another week without her. She knew that I had been sessioning with several other Mistresses in her absence. While we played without corporal punishment she made it clear that next time she would be sure too make up for lost time. I fear what is to come but feel compelled to suffer for her. Perhaps we will ask one of the Ladies I sessioned with in her absence to come in and witness the ordeal - perhaps even encourage Kay? It was great seeing Kay again and she was happy to see me. I suppose she will be even happier next time.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    I came in this past weekend to visit my precious Mistress who felt she owed me a long overdue beating. I had been getting away with non-corporal and otherwise mild experiences for week after week it seemed. She built up some anger over the immoral choices I made recently and the naughty secrets which I bragged about thinking that would impress her. It didn't help that I also sessioned with 2 other Mistress at DD on days she wasn't around. She went to work with a leather paddle that she brought in just for me. Without a warmup she had me struggling and moaning just to take the pain. When I complained she accused me of being dramatic. She let me rest and then continued with the paddle while I begged for mercy. I convinced her to use my belt instead because that didn't hurt so much compared to her paddle. To my surprise the belt hurt much more than usual as she swung harder than ever before. She finally stopped because her arm needed a rest. After trying to placate her and her anger she began whipping me again while unleashing a verbal tirade reminding me of all the miserable things I had done and what a selfish, arrogant person I truly was. She was unrelenting as I became a sobbing, sweating and trembling excuse for a human being. I will say this once again: this was the worst beating I ever received at DD. She was not being a Mistress conducting a session, it was personal. I had placed such a burden on her kindness and loveliness and viewed her as a perfect Angel. This was a rude awakening. She beat my body and overwhelmed my mind. Most of all she got to the depths of my soul and revealed my true nature. It was ugly and I suddenly understood why she had to be so strict. When it was all over I thanked her on my knees for teaching me an important lesson. Hopefully she will see me as a better person now. Of course I adore her but I think I respect her even more. Perhaps this was not what I wanted but it was just what I needed. Thank you Dear Mistress.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    Reappeared to see Mistress Kay after consummating a nefarious deal and negotiation. I believe I did something noble but there are contrary opinions because my demands were literally indecent. We actually had a Muslim woman act as a moderator/mediator but not an arbitrator. That worked well because none of the players followed Islam but we were of different religions so no favoritism was likely. We asked her "off the record" opinions and she made it clear that we will burn in hell if we don't change our ways. She did convince me to moderate my demands and put other guarantees in place. The most vicious comments and arguments came from the players and not the mediator. Ms. Kay agrees that I deserve strict punishment and we agreed to do it at a later time since I wasn't feeling well at the time. Our play was mild with several painful attacks on my nipples. Ms. Kay shared some of her deeper opinions which showed a great deal of understanding of my situation so I was not judged that harshly. We understood some common ground between us and I thank her for being so honest. Still I have a strict beating coming and Ms. Kay needs no excuse. It is enough that she enjoys how I moan and suffer when she beats my butt. Making her happy is the only thing that counts.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    I saw my precious Mistress once again. This time due to the hot and humid weather and the fact that I was not fully recovered from her last beating, we had a less demanding session. For some time I have been sharing my deep dark secrets with her. She has become less a Mistress and more a manifestation of my guilty conscience. She knows what a scoundrel I am and she purifies my soul through corporal punishment. She knows I have to make an important decision in a few days about an action I may take. That action can be viewed as humanitarianism in the highest or something good for the most selfish reasons. A bad deed with good results? A good deed for bad reasons? Who knows, but the Mistress seems to have her own opinions. If I do what I want, Mistress Kay might judge me negatively and require that I suffer for my deeds. I will try to convince her of the good I might be doing but she knows of my selfish ulterior motives. I will leave it in her hands and accept whatever she deems appropriate. When I see her again I will be prepared.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    Hadn't seen the precious Mistress Kay in a while and hadn't felt the sting of the belt for longer than that. She was up for a heavy corporal session although I was not. She quickly changed my mind and just as quickly was using that belt full force and wouldn't stop. She belittled my pleas for mercy and told me what a disappointment I was. She used to be so sweet and understanding but this time the mental game was worse than the physical game. Just looking at her beauty made it worth the suffering. Once again she made my ordeal the worst ever at this dungeon. I still feel soreness and feel drained from the experience. I can't help adoring her as I do and want her to be happy in our sessions. I'm sure she was very happy this time.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    The day after I sessioned with Chasity I hoped I could see Kay. Fortunately a slot was available later in the day and we did meet. I searched all over for my belt before coming in and felt I would disappoint Kay cause I didn't find it. She has learned how to wield it most effectively. I mentioned that I sessioned the night before which she knew and was told that I appeared emotionally down then. So true with many complications in my perverted life. I told her I couldn't find my belt to which she replied that she found it last time and kept it just for me. We spoke about my last comments that I felt I was cheating her and also used the term "cruel vindictive bitch." Hoping that I explained satisfactorily she ordered me to get into position when the most intensive corporal started. I reacted by saying "I didn't even have a warmup" and she said "this IS the warmup." During a rest she began unbearable nipple torture. Repeating that pattern a couple of times she then began a spanking which went on and on. Eventually she stopped. It took a while to get into a sitting position when I asked how many strokes she administered. She laughed and said "I lost count at 80." Then more cruel nipple torture. When she checked my butt with only 5 minutes left in session she said "the redness is fading, I am not happy." So back in position she whipped me again until time ran out, leaving my butt even redder than before. I didn't feel that I cheated her this time and even if she was cruel and vindictive I want her to be happy in session. When she came back into the room I asked if anyone out there heard us. It seems that one Mistress heard and commented to Kay how intense and prolonged the punishment was. I am ok now, once again, after getting the worst beating ever at this dungeon including at the old location. Kay owns my body and perhaps my soul.

  • Reviewed by Todd

    Just had a GREAT session with Kay, When she walks into the room her beautiful with stop you in your tracks. We talked for a few minutes to go over my session and she was more then happy and willing to do my session. She is great in session very open and I can not wait to have another session with her the hour and half went by like nothing. Kay has a stunning smile and amazing eyes and legs. I have been going to Donatella's for almost 12 years and I would say that Kay is a one of the best that I have seen. There are only 2 or three other ladies that are equal to her.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    Visited Ms. Kay after a couple of weeks since the last session. Not completely fit from my mishap and wasn't seeking an intense session. We played at a non-intense level doing things that are not physically stressful but definitely humiliating to the sub and enjoyable to the Mistress. Kay mentioned that she would enjoy giving a spanking if only we could figure out a way that won't stress my healing injury. I always want to please my precious doll of a Mistress so I agreed to do a second session after getting more cash. When I returned she told me that I spent too much time talking about another woman and that she felt disrespected and jealous. Wow, she never took offense to the many details of my sexual perversions and illicit relationships with other women before. Maybe she felt I was comparing other women to her and left her as second best. It wasn't true but she was angry and unusually passionate. She took my belt and gave me a series of beatings which had me howling in pain to her sadistic delight. During one of the beatings I heard someone yell "walking" and heard footsteps pass by the door. Anyway she had me whining and whimpering for most of the session and continued each beating till I cried. It was the worst beating I ever received at this dungeon. I asked Kay if anyone heard me in the hall. She said yes, the manager heard and was quite impressed. I'm ashamed to face the manager now after I carried on that way. Kat thanked me for submitting to such a strict beating. I should have said it was unbearable but I had to suffer for your enjoyment. Instead I said, I really feel I cheated you and didn't take enough for you. Bad move and easy to misunderstand. She said "OK, next time I'll go harder." Looks like I need to clarify what I meant or be prepared to suffer the consequences. I've experienced Kay as a precious doll. Now I may find out what Kay is like as a cruel and vindictive bitch. My butt is still sore 2 days later. Can't get her out of my head.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    Sessioned with Ms. Kay at least 2 more times since my last review. Today I was not physically able to endure a strict corporal session but wanted to see her anyway. We reverted to a different kind of session with another activity I enjoy greatly. They I felt the urge to feel her fingers on my nipples. She was gentle at first and gradually intensified the severity of the torture. She had be moaning and yelling to her delight. My nipples are quite sore now and will remain that way for a few days at least. Kay is such a precious darling that I could bundle her up and take her home all for myself. She is too pretty and delicate to inflict pain but that doesn't stop her at all. Our corporal sessions are getting more and more intense. There is a special woman in my life who knows that I visit here. Whenever I plan to see Kay she writes down a spanking plan. Each time it gets worse and worse. I hope that next time she lessens the ordeal as I have not had a good spanking in a while and may have to build up my endurance once again. In any case, a spanking from Kay is like a trip to heaven plus pain. I am proud to endure her spankings and return to my friend to have my butt examined just to make sure that Kay did a good job. Kay always does a good job and hopes to increase the punishment beyond my limits.

  • Reviewed by Michael

    Another amazing session with Kay. Kay is breathtakingly beautiful, kind, intuitive, and eager to meet your needs. Every second with Kay is a true gift. A session with Kay is a mind blowing gift. I can’t wait to see her again. She’s truly extraordinary.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    Saw Mistress Kay a week ago and again today. I shared some more of my naughty secrets with her just to see if that would put her in the frame of mind to deliver a strict spanking. It did. I had to sit on a bus all the way home with a sore butt. She played her role creatively and applied the punishment with an enthusiasm she could not conceal. So I have a case of "spanking fever" which she acknowledged after placing her hands on my red cheeks. She looks a bit like Mistress Koi of the Fetish Fortress, petite and beautiful. She is also quite intelligent as well. I will see her again after the "fever" goes away.

  • Reviewed by Alan Bernstein

    Kay is the very best.nobody sexier I would see her everyday if i can afford ot!

  • Reviewed by

    Kay was excellent. I can't stop thinking of. her.i will never stop loving her.Al

  • Reviewed by Alan

    I am new.to the to this.i wad nervous but kay made me feelvery comfortable. She is very beautiful and and treats you right.i reallywill moreinvoled

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    Saw Kay for the first time today and had to session with her. She is an empathetic and enthusiastic young Lady who is so easy to talk to and so pleasant to look at. I showed her some new things to try in session and shared some of my secrets. I think this is the beginning of a connection which will grow in intensity as we move forward. As sweet as she is I think there is a hardcore domme just waiting to come out. I will find out soon I'm sure.

  • Reviewed by Michael

    Kay was absolutely fantastic. In our session I was the dom and she submitted to bondage and tickling. She was sensual, funny, easy going, and gave me an amazing time. Highly recommend.

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