Mistress KAT


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    Dark Brown
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    Dark Brown
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    7 1/2
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From my sultry voice and alluring gaze, to my soft golden skin,plump lips, and perfect feet

you will find yourself wrapped around my finger before you know it... ready to surrender to my wicked ideas and mischievous ways. 


As a Domina with a penchant for encouraging growth, I will help you in exploring your boundaries by pushing and testing your limits, with consent given and hard-limits respected. Session play is tailored to each individual. 


Types of sessions I indulge in: ball busting & cbt (an absolute favorite), nipple torture, corporal punishment, temperature play, electro-play, all types of edge play, psychological mindfucking, caging confinement & abandonment, humiliation & degradation, tease & denial, chasity/keyholding, objectification, findom/wallet draining, cuckolding, sissy play and forced fem, forced bi, slave training, animal play/training, mdlb/mdlb & abdl, sploshing,  femdom worship, forced scent inhalation, body hair worship, bondassage, tickling, trampling, lift and carry, grappling, fantasy wrestling & boxing (light to semi competitive), fit camp, various role plays, and more. 


I enjoy 1:1 sessions where our attention is trained on one another, as well as playing with multi-mistresses to spice things up. I enjoy playing with couples, novices, and all genders. I am open to bottoming and switching for the right Dom/Domme, as long as there is chemistry and limits respected. I am extremely diverse in my abilities, do not hesitate to reach out for any session inquiries, after all communication is key. 


Let’s turn your fantasies into a reality... Are you ready to take the plunge? 


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We accept appointments Monday through Friday form 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and Saturday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.. We do make exceptions, so if you have a special request please speak to our receptionist.

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Mistress kat

Week of   06/21 to 06/27

  • Friday 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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14 Review for "mistress KAT"

  • Reviewed by The S&M GUY!!!

    Back after a 1 year hiatus from COVID I decided to session with the exotic Mistress KAT. KAT is definitely the Domme for you if your into CBT and NT! You won’t be disappointed and will beg her for more.

  • Reviewed by Tint

    I loveed the session. Beautiful lady. Definitely a queen. This was my first time with her and she definitely is good at what she does. It blew my intellect and my soul away. I had been to two other sessions before with different doms at a different place. This was before my medical condition. They were good but mistress Kat was better. I have got a medical condition, due to which i had to take drugs that reduced my testosterone levels to about 7% of what it used to be. Regardless of that, I was still turned on by the beauty and talent in this lady/queen. I could only imagine/know how lost i would be with her if I was at a 100% physically. Nonetheless, I would visit her a lot more. Once I fix my condition (which will happen), it might be a lifelong thing with Kat, provided this is what she wants. After all what wants she gets....love it! BTW beautiful feet!

  • Reviewed by Nick

    I had my second session with Mistress Kat at the D.D. and again was impressed with her ability to direct and steer our session to meet my goals. If you like the sensual part of BDSM you should arrange a session with M. Kat. Getting a simple back massage from her feels as if your lying on a towel at your favorite beach on the perfect summer day and her hands are the warm sun rays caressing your skin. She incorporates pleasure with pain throughout the session to see how much you can take. And also to experience the feeling of going back and forth from one to the other swiftly. She likes to tease, explore and play with the male anatomy. By the end of the session I left feeling satisfied both mentally and physically.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    Was in the neighborhood and just decided to come in. Saw Ms. Kat for the second time. We picked up on the next chapter of my life of intrigue and perversion. She reacted with surprise and awe over some of the juicy details of my naughty secrets. Still she loved to hear them. She had a special ordeal in store for me but I couldn’t handle it all. I struggled to do my best but she passed my limits. She is a beautiful and understanding woman. A quality Mistress.

  • Reviewed by Mark william

    Mistress kat controlled me the moment she entered the room, I can say this was one of the best sessions I had on DD. She is very professional and listens to every interest and she pushed my limits and humiliate me in the presence of her friends and made them spit in my mouth. And she has perfect feet . she humiliates me in every possible way and spanked me until my butt got bruised, i can't sit on my ass until now. Can't wait to serve you again my favorite goddess.

  • Reviewed by Cloud

    Everyone was very professional and my Session with Mistress Kat was amazing. I have a major foot fetish and she was very dominate with her feet. I will absolutely plan another session with Mistress Kat

  • Reviewed by Richard

    I had a great session with Kat recently. It is a pleasure to be in her company. She answered all my questions and she is a very sexy woman and I am comfortable being with her and have no complaints.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    I visited recently and met with 6 Mistresses. It was very difficult to pick because each Lady had one or more qualities that would suggest an enjoyable session. Mistress Kay once recommended that Ms. Kat tip in to one of our sessions although it did not happen that day I never forgot the high praise. After speaking with Kat and feeling good chemistry I selected her for a session. Again it was difficult because I sessioned with some of the Ladies previously and was also interested in the other Ladies. Making the decision took a piece of my heart though. Ms. Kat is beautiful and has a fascinating openness to kink, especially the kink that I enjoy. As we played I shared some of my wild secrets and felt secure as she quickly mastered my kink and took control of the session. She was surprised at how far she could take it and how much I endured. I was not surprised at how she could go and we both know that she pushed but did not reach my limits. The session ended too quickly as if it were a 3 act play and only one act had ended. I'm sure we will pick up where we left off. In the meantime I keep looking at future schedules for Mistress Kay's return. Maybe this time Ms. Kat could be part of that session?

  • Reviewed by Kristine

    I had my first session with Goddess Kat .I have been in bdsm for over a decade but there is a bit of nervousness every time you see a new mistress . Let me tell you guys she is much prettier than she is on the photos. My session involved lift and carry and this girl is strong she carried me cradle style 3 times . I had 6 inches and 40 lbs on her and she did not break a sweat . Amazing . She is an expert in verbal humiliation . She made so much fun of my tiny penis that i began to contemplate my manliness . She repeatedly put her pinky next to my clitty to emphasize the point. She dressed me as her slutty secretary and made me model for her in high heels until i got the walk right . I was spanked for my mistake till my butt turned red . She is one true alpha woman . In vanilla setting i will not be worthy to be in same zip code as her . You have to try her out . I know i will see her a lot more .

  • Reviewed by Jay

    She is absolutely stunning. I can tell I will Be totally hooked on her. She is even more beautiful in person.

  • Reviewed by Nick

    I drove from Ohio to visit the Donatella Den and had my first session with Mistress Kat. She made the session go smoothly and turn out much better than I expected. She'll most likely be very accommodating to your needs within the BDSM/Fem/Dom lifestyle. Just show her respect, listen to her and she'll show you a good time in return. She has a very fit, but sexy body with a cute face and lovely hair. Honestly, she looks better in person than in the photos on this site, maybe because she wore the mask for the photos. But, she is very engaging and if you want to indulge in a little bit of disposable fun to add some excitement and spice up your day, I recommend to choose Mistress Kat. Also, after visiting the facility, it's obvious the people at Donatella Den have put in a lot of time, money, and effort in making it a beautiful & private play space opportunity for anyone interested in fem/dom activities. None of the women I met there deserved to be disrespected.

  • Reviewed by James

    Mistress Kat is the best mistress I ever had. Her smelly feet had me weak to my knees. Her Beauty is off the chart she very beautiful than the pictures you see I high recommend her to every one.cant stop thinking about the session. I will 100

  • Reviewed by KG

    Goddess Kat is a dream come true. A beautiful goddess who encourages you to push your limits. She gave me a CBT session that had me far beyond what I thought my limits would be. Her beauty, intelligence, charisma, dominance sends you directly into a sub space where you will beg to submit and worship at her perfect feet. Before Goddess Kate used any crops she explained the sensations that I would feel. It was amazing! I recommend coming in with your ideas but letting her create your experience, use what she loves because she made me into someone who loves her feet and to feel the sting of her facial slaps. Although It would be nice to try other mistresses, I cant imagine visiting and not going with her. Thank you Mistress Kate - Your bearded Toy

  • Reviewed by Chrissy

    Hi.....I don't really know how to approach you but I have strong interest in what you love to do and I'm super submissive

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