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Surrender to the vampiress of the dungeon.

Being the Queen of captives, Drusilla loves kidnapping sessions and sacrificial ritualistic scenes. Loves a variety of edge play, CBT, humiliation, OTK, corporal,training, predicament bondage, smoke torture, forced feminization, electro play, RACK, armpit smothering, and more. LOVES medical-both role play and reality.


Vampiress is a creative raw and unfiltered sadist who is always her true self and nothing less. Always taller than expected in her various 6 inch heels. Want to see what she is really like? Come see for yourself. 


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Mistress drusilla

Week of   11/29 to 12/05

  • Monday 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Friday 1:00 pm - 1:30 am

Review for mistress DRUSILLA

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18 Review for "mistress DRUSILLA"

  • Reviewed by Jlisa

    I had the most wonderful and amazing session with Vampress Drusilla. She is so beautiful and gorgeous. I spoke to her before the session. And the session was simply amazing. She exactly knew what I needed. I am definitely coming back again.

  • Reviewed by J.C.S

    Looking past the role play Mistress Drusilla is a very fun person to talk to in real life. A very interesting Woman.

  • Reviewed by mh

    ran a medical session with her today forget it game over! her sexy and tantalizing voice, her sultry demeanor ugh she'll take you into another dimension she'll make you feel like you're on ecstasy

  • Reviewed by J.S

    A great time with a very good actress. With her she is the real deal. She would be great in the movies.

  • Reviewed by Derek

    So good to be back. And, goddamn! Vampyress Drusilla knocked it out of the fn park! The perfect combo of beauty, scary, intrigue and smoke. I’m hooked. … and damned.

  • Reviewed by Chris

    First time back since covid. I had things I wanted to do and waited for this meeting. She did a fantastic job at fulfilling my scenereo and was able to see it how I wanted to. And she got an earful of me just talking, and she listened. Thank you!

  • Reviewed by Richard

    Saw Druscilla this afternoon. I did something inappropriate and she gave me a good otk bare hand spanking.

  • Reviewed by Chewy

    Sessioning with Vampiress Drusilla is an absolute dream. She caned me like the bad little puppy I am and left my bottom aching. She’s great at warming Her submissives up to ensure they can take the maximum amount of pain possible. Once you enter Her lair you won’t want to come out.

  • Reviewed by Avi

    Had an amazing session with the mistress, left me breathless and craving for more. Will definitely be back for her

  • Reviewed by Mae

    Incredibly clever and creative, Vampiress Drusilla knows exactly how to capture a subs mind. Shes very receptive to the subs needs but isnt afraid to give a well deserved paddling. The Vampiress rightfully scolded me for previously misspelling her name & I deeply regret submitting something that wasnt up to the Vampiress standards.

  • Reviewed by Ma

    Great mistress with an arsenal of discipline tactics.very sexy with feet almost as beautiful as her face.

  • Reviewed by Mae

    Few words can describe the vampress. She’s always ready to drag her captive to hell and back. She was very communicative before the session and checked in throughout to make it as enjoyable & memorable as possible. As a woman I was hesitant to enter the dungeon, but within seconds i was on my knees, licking her feet. The vampress strung me up like a pig and made me her little slave. I can’t wait to serve the vampress, again and again and again.

  • Reviewed by Captive #9 [sunny)

    Vampress was very displease of my exaggeration on the slobbering of her stockings. I didnt add that she dose them in alcohol and she was very disgusted of me writing my review as an erotica rather than a real review. I was rightfully punish for my actions and my dishonesty.. she is an amazing mistress and everyone would feel lucky to visit a sadist like her or be in her presence. She will be an hour you won't forget in your lifetime. Again this captive should of been more truthful.

  • Reviewed by Captive #9(Sunny)

    I was able to break into the Vampress den.... i though I could impress her by finding her den and be turn into one of her little vampire underlings. Little did I know the trials I would have to endure. She knew right away I was following her and had me on her knees and worshiping her feet. Smelling her Danty feet and licking her stocking. Lick after lick until all his slober was on her stockings....Wanting nothing more than to impress her, to be worthy of being one of her vampire servant that would do her biding. One look in to her eyes he was caught under her spell. He eargerly begged to be her ash tray right away as she smoked cigarettes after cigarettes filling his mouth with ashes..having him swallow them.  captive #9 felt like he was in heaven. She even smother him so he could be cover in her pheromones... there is no better senestation then having wax being pour on your body as your being tickle at the same time. Also having a cigarette put out on you feel amazing... and having smoke being blown in to your mouth is better than taking a puff of smoke from a cigarette... captive #9 will return again and plead his case on why he deserves to be turned ;)

  • Reviewed by C.

    Just had my second season with drusilla she's hotter than fire and she's so crazy on a good way(; I had so much fun!

  • Reviewed by S

    Had a good session with Drusilla. Right combination of pain, humiliation, and sensuality. Could intuitively sense/guide a session and could stay in "character" as well as switch to a "vanilla" personality if needed. Will most likely book again and not drink too many energy drinks/coffee as they are vasoconstrictors and had the unintentional effect of helping the session but also had some negative side effects (all other sessions could finish).

  • Reviewed by A.M.

    Even though it doesn’t state so on her profile - she’s the self appointed Queen of Ballbusting, and rightfully so. Accurate kicks, sweet smile. One kick in particular traveled up like a bolt of lightning through my stomach, up my back and out my tooth. I generally don’t review - but she’s exceptional. Will most likely book her again.

  • Reviewed by Jay

    Mistress Drusilla is the most amazing and beautiful Mistress. When I stepped in the dungeon I was given the option for 6 Mistresses. The moment she entered the room I just knew she was the Mistress for me. We discussed the session and we instantly connected. I conveyed my interests which were mere outlines as I wasn't sure of what exactly it would entail. She understood my few spoken words and when we had the session she really gave me the most memorable one. I loved the energy, the control and such precision. Thank you Mistress Drusilla for a wonderful, memorable session. I look forward to serve you again.

DISCLAIMER: I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no sex being offered. Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.


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