Mistress DELIRIA

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    Dark Brown
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    White - Native American
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The Sadistic Seductress of NYC, true pain comes alive in the buxom curvature of Mistress Deliria...

Let her primal ferocity wash over you as she wraps you around her finger, molding you into the perfect little play thing so that you might have a shot in hell at impressing her. 

With an innate darkness and a lust for your cries, Mistress Deliria will push you to places you never thought you could go. Taunting you with a coy smile and eyes like ice, you will fall to your knees and forget everything else but your Mistress- calling Deliria, Deliria, Deliria... 


Some my greatest pleasure comes from...

 -Corporeal punishment



-Trampling/ball busting


-Role play/Pet play

-Foot worship

-Nipple torture

-Sensory deprivation

-Electric play

-Much, much more...


Prepare, punishment awaits.


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Mistress deliria

Week of   01/27 to 02/02

  • Monday Week Off

Review for mistress DELIRIA

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9 Review for "mistress DELIRIA"

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    I met Deliria for the very first time and was able to see firsthand why she has such great reviews. Our session included Akasha who was shadowing Deliria for the day. Deliria is kinky through and through. I felt very comfortable with her and confident in her skills and expertise. Akasha by contrast was a petite little devil who watched and assisted. I sensed an eagerness in her and a desire to be in command once her training is complete. Of that I have no doubt.

  • Reviewed by Joe Piggy

    Fourth session with Mistress Deliria was intoxicating. That's not a metaphor...I was literally buzzed driving home, as if I'd been drinking. With every session I get more submissive and she gets more dominant. She knows how to expose every weakness to induce self-degradation in unimaginable and unspeakable ways. She's a fiendishly smart, fiercely intense, and merciless humiliatrix. There's no acting going on here, she loves what she does. When you look into her cold blue eyes and hear that sadistic cackle you'll dive into a sub-space you've not known before. Deliria will take what's yours and make it hers!

  • Reviewed by Mistress deliria 's slave

    I just did 2 hours session with mistress deliria today and it was one of the best session i have ever with DD and also in my life . First, she is much more beautiful than the pics , her face and her eyes will make u do anything she wants . Second, she listen to all my request and did allnof them and also she added her sense ofcreativity in every thing . She humiliate me in every possible way . I was going to cry because i felt that i'm nothing and worthless , then i had alot of spanking and caning , i think i will not be able to sit on my butt for at least 1 week then she get her friends to make fun of me and help her in punishing me . After that she rewarded me with footworship but i think i didn't do good job so she punished me once again . Can't wait to get my next pay check to book another session

  • Reviewed by Joe Piggy

    Second session with Deliria was euphoric! She makes me humiliate myself, which is far more degrading. After much shameless groveling I was privileged to drink her spit from a doggy bowl. I also lapped up her chewed up food from the floor as her devlish cackle filled the room. I was hung upside down as she tormented my nipples and foot gagged me. She then left the room and returned with a group of Dommes. They surrounded me and doused me with their spit while verbally emasculating me. When she was done with me whatever was left of my dignity I licked off my fingers. Deliria owns me!

  • Reviewed by Mosschop

    Mistress Deliria, What can I say? She's literally the best domme I have seen in the past 3-years and to top it all off (which made me extremely impressed with her) is that had never tried my fetishes before ever. She is a top-notch domme without a doubt and an asset to the dungeon. What separates her from a lot of dommes is she is an excellent listener, tries hard to please a client (mentally, physically, and verbally), is very intent on satisfying the client (and I didn't tell her in our session but she got me in subspace/euphoria which is rare to do especially having never seen me), her personality is amazing (she's so outgoing, has a beautiful laugh, and she actually enjoyed performing/doing my fetishes), and she has an amazing skillset when it comes to my fetishes. I'm a trampling/getting hopped on/jumped on/sat on/butt bounced on/butt dropped on/foot play/face standing/face sitting enthusiast. She tried all of my fetishes. Having picked her out of the roster of dommes at the dungeon (even with she hiding her face for privacy which I respect on her profile), I knew that I made the right decision and right decision it was. My decision was based off of her four previous reviews (which were very impressive), her stats (which told me that she was voluptuous, "thick" in all the right places, and curvy which I was right), and her booty. She is so sexy and beautiful in person and her personality makes her that much likeable and enjoyable. She is very well "filled out" up top, has a very sexy booty (and it definitely is 42" where he booty is firm but at the same time has a sexy jiggly cushiony feel to it), her calves are sexy (solid), and her feet were extremely nice looking (very soft to the touch and tasty). I'm still in awe about how our session went because she had never done my fetishes before and did much better than almost half of the dommes that I have seen throughout the years and I travel a lot around the country). She really started out slow (feeling me out) with slow intense trampling/stepping on me/walking on me/sitting on me to face standing and face sitting. As the session moved along, she started to butt bounce on me and hop on me where all of this done on a fetish bed (bare in mind that she was still going full weight on me). But than it was time to really experience her and feel all of her sexy "juicy" voluptuous weight and so we took it to the hard floor where there was nothing to counter her weight like the fetish bed was. She again did all of the items that I described above but than the best parts of the fetish came up. She butt dropped on me full weight jumping high and landing on my body booty first. That's when the euphoria state began. She did not hold back and her booty making contact with my body was phenomenal. Than she started to hop on me and jump on me full weight and even jump on me like a trampoline over and over and over. I was extremely in subspace there until she took me to an extreme euphoric/subspace trance when she started to jump on me full weight full force from the bed onto me. Dear god, it was the best session that I have had the past 3-years. She started off as a rookie/freshman in college and "graduated" as a pro/"received her doctorate degree in trampling/sitting/butt bouncing/hoping/butt dropping." She was so nice about I showing her the extremes of my fetishes and I never saw her hesitate or have fear in her eyes. She and I definitely "connected" in the session where we fed off of each other and had chemistry. That is what makes a session phenomenal when she is in tune with her client. There is no predicting the future and unfortunately all good things come to an end but she is a major asset to the dungeon and I hope she is still working at the dungeon when I return to New York because she's amazing; such a blessing in disguise for my fetishes. I had chosen a two hour session with her but when I come back (and if she's still around), we're going 3-hours so I hope she's ready

  • Reviewed by The S&M Guy!

    Used , abused and humiliated by this buxom southern lady. Deliria definitely pushed the envelope and then some but always respected my limits . Oh and thanks to all the lovely mistresses who took the time to participate in the group humiliation. In addition the new dungeon room is awesome ! I’ve been to many dungeons in midtown and by far DD’s is a stroke above the rest.

  • Reviewed by Jeff

    Deliria is everything an amazing dominatrix should be. Besides her physical beauty, she connected with me emotionally and I felt owned by her like disposable property. She used me as promised and forced me to become a part of her. There is nothing in this world more honorable than being owned by Mistress Deliria. Thank you Mistress Deliria from the bottom of my heart for making me yours. I look forward to seeing you and impressing you more next time.

  • Reviewed by GratefulMinion

    I’m at a loss for words. Mistress Deliria managed for push me to my absolute limits while making me feel safe at the same time. Underneath her cruelty and sadistic beauty there is a certain warmth that you can’t help but be drawn to, something almost ethereal. And dear god this woman can kick the shit out of some balls! She had me crying, laughing, panting, and begging for her all at once. An absolute pleasure to session with a domme as powerful and magnetic as Mistress Deliria.

  • Reviewed by Joe Piggy

    I sessioned with Mistress Deliria tonight and OMFG she is the total package. Gorgeous face, hot body, beautiful feet, and an evil mind. She’s a top shelf humiliatrix with a sinister laugh. She had me begging, groveling, barking , and squealing as I licked her feet on all fours. She ravaged my nipples with her skillful hands and toes. I can’t wait to see her again ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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