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Mistress Celeste is a caring, professional, creative, and natural empathetic

As an educated, clever, and highly sensitive woman, I can read a man at first sight, always knowing how to unlock his fantasies into a reality. My reality. 


Celeste is a master of many trades. I’m a woman of two passions and specialities: corporal, seductive domination and sensual, compassionate domination. Mistress Celeste always creates a safe and communicative space. 


As a corporal domme, I find thrill, pleasure, and enjoyment in punishing a submissive who needs to be put in his place, and of course only those worthy to be in my presence. I only have time for those who are ready and willing to bend over backwards to please me, at my feet. Some of my playtimes include, but are not limited to: verbal and physical humiliation, degradation, corporal punishment, slave training, nipple torture, ball busting, pet training, sensory deprivation, forced fem, cross dressing, trampling, CBT, smoking, role play...Are you worthy?


As a sensual domme, I find beauty in sharing a connection with my clients to unleash their fantasies. Do not underestimate this seductress, as you’ll leave under her control with a session that will have you thinking about her nonstop. Explore a wide range of fantasies with Mistress Celeste including, but not limited to: role play, tickling, tease and denial, body worship, foot worship, stocking worship, sensation play, temperature play, blindfolding...Are you ready to unleash your fantasies? 


Release into Mistress Celeste’s control. No matter our session, you will be consumed by my feminine, seductive touch. I love 1:1 sessions, playing with other mistresses, and couples. I respect limits, while working with you to push yourself so you can evolve into the man Celeste can deem worthy. 


I will take you out of the chaotic outside world, and into my world of ever-evolving exploration, and you’ll be nothing but present in Celeste’s presence. 


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Mistress celeste

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4 Review for "mistress CELESTE"

  • Reviewed by Mosschop

    : I had a very good session with Mistress Celeste. I was given the opportunity to conduct five individual private one-on-one interviews with five available dommes and Mistress Celeste is whom I went with and I definitely didn't regret it. I went with her because she was extremely engaging in our one-on-one interview, had a great smile, seemed eager to have the opportunity to session with me for two hours after I explained my interests to her, she's a sexy athletically built woman with a nicely plush bubble butt, very sexy feet and toes, and is very pretty. What made me extremely impressed with Mistress Celeste is that she had never tried my fetishes before in the aggressive manner that I like them. She is a top-notch domme without a doubt. What separates her from a lot of dommes is she is an excellent listener, tries hard to please a client (mentally, physically, and verbally), is very intent on satisfying the client (and I didn't tell her in our session but she got me in subspace/euphoria which is rare to do especially having never seen me), her personality is amazing (she's so outgoing and she actually enjoyed performing/doing my fetishes), and she has an amazing skillset when it comes to my fetishes. I'm a trampling/getting hopped on/jumped on/sat on/butt bounced on/butt dropped on/foot play/face standing/face sitting enthusiast. She tried all of my fetishes. I knew that I made the right decision and right decision it was. I'm still in awe about how our session went because she had never done my fetishes before as aggressively as I like them and did them much better than almost half of the dommes that I have seen throughout the years and I travel a lot around the country). She really started out slow (feeling me out) with slow intense trampling/stepping on me/walking on me/sitting on me to face standing and face sitting. As the session moved along, she started to butt bounce on me and hop on me where all of this done on a cushioned bench (bare in mind that she was still going full weight on me). But than it was time to really experience her and feel all of her sexy weight and so we took it to the hard floor where there was nothing to counter her weight like the cushioned bench was. She again did all of the items that I described above but than the best parts of the fetish came up. She butt dropped on me full weight jumping high and landing on my body booty first. That's when the euphoria state began. She did not hold back and her booty making contact with my body was phenomenal. Than she started to hop on me and jump on me full weight and even jump on me like a trampoline over and over and over. I was extremely in subspace there until she took me to an extreme euphoric/subspace trance when she started to jump on me full weight full force from the cushiioned bench onto me. She started off as a rookie/freshman in college and "graduated" as a pro/"received her doctorate degree in trampling/sitting/butt bouncing/hoping/butt dropping." She was so nice about I showing her the extremes of my fetishes and I never saw her hesitate or have fear in her eyes. She and I definitely "connected" in the session where we fed off of each other and had chemistry. That is what makes a session phenomenal when she is in tune with her client. Towards the last 30 minutes of our two hour session, we enhanced the experience and she blinded folded me and was catching me with "kamikaze" butt drops and jumps onto my body which was the most erotic part of the session. To be slammed on with someone's butt (via butt drops) and to be slammed on with someone's feet (via being jumped onto) and not knowing when you will be slammed on/jumped on and not knowing when to brace for it. That was so amazing!! What's even more impressive is that Mistress Celeste has only been working at the dungeon for a month. I hope that she stays and also the domme that I had a session with back in May, Mistress Deliria, because they both would be a formidable team to go up against. Until next time.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    On a day that I began a session with my favorite Mistress she suggested that we bring Mistress Celeste in to observe some of our activities and teach her some specific techniques. On her recommendation I agreed but Celeste was selected for a session putting an end to that idea. The following day I was in town and so was Celeste. I was eager to meet her and teach those techniques. So this wasn't a typical session. I experienced Celeste to be an open minded Lady with a thirst for knowledge. She is also a very sweet and attractive person. She learned and applied her craft eagerly and well. I confided in her some of my naughty secrets which would give any Mistress good reason to administer a well deserved spanking. I suggested she join me and my Mistress next time we are all available and be part of a strict discipline session. That seemed ok with her. On parting I said "I'm afraid I told you too much; I'm afraid of what you might do to me." She answered as a Mistress and not a student when she said "You should be afraid!" Oh but she seems so sweet. What have I gotten myself into?

  • Reviewed by Ahmed

    I had an amazing session with Mistress CELESTE, she is so strict domme, she knows what she's doing, she knows how to destroy you, really I had a great time with her, you will have fun with her, also she is so beautiful.

  • Reviewed by Ttsub

    I had an amazing session with Mistress Celeste. It was a sensual domination session where I was allowed foot and heel worship, nipple torture, and a little spanking(we had a mini switch session where I spanked her too). And the interracial/color contrast(I'm Black) was arousing as well. All in all, a great domme and a very down to earth human being! You will have a fun time for sure!

DISCLAIMER: I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no sex being offered. Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.


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