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It's time to relinquish your power. This is my dollhouse and you're just here to play in it.

Come and free your mind and let it be lead by a Goddess. You will leave thinking about what just happened in awe and yearning for more. 

A master in sensual tease and denial , forced bi, cuckolding, CBT, OTK, body worship, foot worship, humiliation, sissy training, medical and nipple torture. 

Come and play at Angelis' Dollhouse


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Mistress angelis

Week of   08/10 to 08/16


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32 Review for "mistress ANGELIS"

  • Reviewed by Ttsub

    Beautiful goddess with an amazing body. It was indeed a pleasure to serve a beautiful Hispanic Goddess

  • Reviewed by Bad doggy

    Master angelis was born to take the soul of the pathetic excuse of a man that stands before her. Every time I begged for mercy she laughed in my face which to my surprise aroused me more. She made her friends come in and make fun of me while I finished myself and then made me lick it off the floor. I think I respect her more than I respect my own mother.

  • Reviewed by Os

    Dear mistress Angelis , I enjoyed being your foot bitch for the second time and I am glad that you remembered me. you are a natural goddess without effort you put me in my place and made me a happy slave and I can’t forget the aroma of your feet and the taste of your toes I hope to see you again when I come to New York and prove to you that you really own my tiny dick and my pride and I will never hesitate to lick the dirt of your slippers whenever you allow me this honor. I will always be your pinky toes slave. Thank you

  • Reviewed by Os

    Dear mistress Angelis , I enjoyed being your foot bitch for the second time and I am glad that you remembered me. you are a natural goddess without effort you put me in my place and made me a happy slave and I can’t forget the aroma of your feet and the taste of your toes I hope to see you again when I come to New York and prove to you that you really own my tiny dick and my pride and I will never hesitate to lick the dirt of your slippers whenever you allow me this honor. I will always be your pinky toes slave. Thank you

  • Reviewed by Pete

    I saw mistress angelis last week after being gone for a year and wow is all I can say. I could sit and not be in agonizing pain. Best OTK spanking I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to be punished by the ever most perfect Goddess

  • Reviewed by Richard

    I spoke with Angeles regarding my inappropriate behavior. She sizzled my butt hot with a hand and paddle spanking. To make sure that I don't do it again, I got 6 cane strokes.

  • Reviewed by Michael

    Saw Angelis again today. She is the most amazing, most beautiful, most sensual, most accommodating. Every minute with her is better than a dream.

  • Reviewed by Binderclip Holder

    Mistress Angelis is the perfect representation of evil girl next door. She reminds me or Harley Quin. I can never look at binder clips the same again after she clipped them all over my body bringing me to a euphoric pain, which she called “ART”. While I cried in agony she literally laughed in my face which oddly made me more attracted to her. I will be back very soon the be your canvas Goddess

  • Reviewed by Slap Post

    I have in with a foot fetish but wanted to try spanking and slapping and I was amazed on how far she pushed me to receive all the things pain angelis had for me. Can’t wait to visit the city again to be able to dedicate my time to the amazing goddess

  • Reviewed by AHL

    i came into my first session with Goddess Angelis thinking that i had some autonomy, that i would try Her out and see if She was the one for me. In other words, i thought that i had a choice, that i could compare Her to other dommes i intended to try and make a decision. In no time, however, i found myself completely overwhelmed by Her sovereign Beauty and Power. Right off the bat She made it clear that She was not merely a goddess - one among many - but that She was the One and Only. Hers was a monotheistic religion, and She lay exclusive claim to my soul. Again and again i found myself sputtering my undivided devotion, as wave after wave of mental orgasms racked my servile, quivering body. Her divine, infallible words sunk deep into my psyche, making me Her bitch. As Her perfectly manicured fingers wrapped around my throat, i surrendered my breath to Her, and my life. A lovely collar snug around my neck, i gazed up the length of Her slender, silken arm - mesmerized - at the omnipotent hand that firmly held my leash. Hopelessly enslaved, with astonishing ease. Grazing my helpless flesh with Her sensual fingernails, Goddess kept me swooning in ecstasy, lost in subspace. Any hope of autonomy was quickly abandoned as Mistress Angelis took complete ownership of me. i never stood a chance! And now i am compelled - nay, commanded - to serve Her and Her alone. All praise and worship to the incomparable Goddess Angelis!!! my search is over, as is my freedom!

  • Reviewed by Ruby cheeks

    The energy broke the scale once angelis walked into the room. I knew I was in trouble when she sat down, grabbed me by my hair and instructed me to kneel in front of her because if anybody is looking down at someone it should be her. Best OTK I’ve had in years. I don’t know which was redder my cheek or her palm. Your naughty boy will be back soon

  • Reviewed by Os

    She is really the master of sensual domination. From the moment she interred the room I fell in love with her and felt lucky to be have the opportunity to worship the slippers of such lovely young mistress. Thank you mistress angelis it was my honor to serve your feet and i will always be your pinky toes slave.

  • Reviewed by Puppy boy


  • Reviewed by Barry

    Mistress Angelis is the most remarkable Goddess ever. She is sensual and dominant at the same . She has the most amazing and stunning body. She can be gentle but also firm, brash and witty. She mesmerizes, tantalizes, hypnotizes and intimidates you with her beauty and panache. She has an intuitive grasp of what a slaves needs. She is the best Domme ever!!

  • Reviewed by Slave J

    I sessioned with Angelis not too long ago. I saw her awhile back and had fun. This time however she looked bored and annoyed like she did not want to be in our session so I decided to end it before our hour was up. I probably won’t see her again.

  • Reviewed by slave chris

    i went and served Mistress Angelis in December and She was amazing. Her body and demeanor is perfect and she humiliated me by leashing me, making me drink beer from a dog tray and bringing her domme friends in to laugh at me. I will definitely be back soon to serve again

  • Reviewed by Randy

    Sixth session was awesome. Going again tomorrow. Mistress is addictive and so good to me. Incredible tease and sensual domination . I am her slave and her good boy. Thank you mistress

  • Reviewed by Randy

    5th session with Mistress was phenomenal! Like a dream come true. I can't believe that each session takes it to a higher level. Incredible sensual domination. Mistress is so good to me. Can't wait to go back. Since my session last week every muscle in my body is completely relaxed, except one that is super sensitive . Unbelievable feeling. Nirvana Thank you Mistress

  • Reviewed by Happy Tony

    Please ignore my earlier review. I was kidding. Go see her. You may need to schedule ahead a while. sensational in every repect.

  • Reviewed by Spartacus

    4th session was like being in heaven. It hurt so good. It was so good that it is hard to describe it. I almost don't want to write this so o can keep her to myself. Bit mistress deserves recognition. Better than Jessy. Never thought I would say that. Amazazing sensual domination. It lasted long past the session. I was so sensitive and aroused for 2 days afterwards. It hurt so good to just walk or drive. Gorgeous, sexy, in control. Remembering just her exquisite smell drives me wild. Can't wait to see her again. Thank you mistress

  • Reviewed by Happy Tony

    Been doing this for 35 years. Best tease and denial ever. Don't go see her. I want her for myself.

  • Reviewed by Angelis slave

    I know you probably don’t think about me but I always think of you. How can someone be so mean yet soooooo sexy. Best tease and denial session of my pathetic life

  • Reviewed by Randy

    Had my third session with Mistress Angel is. Incredible! They keep getting better. It's an out of body experience. Best sensual domination by far. Beautiful and amazing.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    I have never sessioned with Angelis but I have frequented the Den and it's predecessor for many years. To read that she is being compared to Jessy Kang is a very powerful endorsement. I plan to session with her in the near future and see for myself.

  • Reviewed by Randy

    As great as my first session with Mistress Angel is was, my second was incredible. Absolutely the best in my life. Very intense and sensual. Heaven on earth. She is a goddess but is very attentive to my likes. Can't wait to go back. Perfect

  • Reviewed by Happy Tony

    Absolutely Amazing in every respect. Counting the days until I can see her again. Book her early. It is tough to get into her lair.

  • Reviewed by Spartacus

    First the dungeon was excellent. Clean, well kept, shower/toilet in the room, very friendly and attentive staff and mistresses. Brst dungeon I have been in 3 states. Angel is is a goddess. Beautiful and the session was one of the best sensual domination session in my life. Comparable to Jessy Kang. I will be back there very soon and often. Thank you mistress.

  • Reviewed by Role Play Maven

    A session with a mistress can often be a cold, impersonal experience, but this has never happened to me at Mistress Elizabeth's. My time with Angelis was another example of how much fun a session can be when you first connect as human beings. Angelis is very bright, intuitive, and simply a pleasure to be around. Of course, her lean, athletic, exotic beauty doesn't hurt either.

  • Reviewed by James

    I've had two sessions with Angelis and both have been outstanding. She is attractive, intelligent, intuitive, skilled and very kinky. We had an instant connection. A great mix of sensuality and sadism. Awesome humiliation. Very dominant and totally in control but also a real sweetheart and a lot of fun. I've seen a lot of dommes over the years and she is one of my all-time favorites. Can't wait to see her again.

  • Reviewed by Sam

    Wow wow wow is all I have to say. Had a two hour session with angelis and it had to be the best session I've had in my 8 years in this lifestyle. She has a heart of gold and makes you want to trust her more than you would normally trust a stranger. Her pictures are smoking hot so I know you might find it hard to believe that she looks even better in person. Trust me when I say the best. I finally found my mistress I been yearning for.

  • Reviewed by Jim

    Mistress Angelis was wonderful. She was very open in discussing your needs and giving you exactly what you want and more. Highly recommended.

  • Reviewed by Michael

    An absolute angel. Angelis is a beautiful, seductive companion. She understood my needs and desires and fulfilled every one of them. An amazing session with a fantastic woman!

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