Mistress AMARA


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    Middle Eastern
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Mistress Amara is the Arabian Princess of Darkness

The Mistress’s time is as precious as she is, and she doesn’t like wasting it. Mistress Amara is well-versed in all areas of femme domination - included but not limited to:


Corporal punishment, CBT, tease and denial, complex roleplays, humiliation and degradation, sensory deprivation, forced fem, bondage, piercing play, medical, slave training, and body worship


Mistress Amara loves all fetish wear - latex, fishnet, and leather are the Domina’s personal favorites. 


She likes her subs obedient and in constant awe and worship of her domina greatness. Through the motto “slow and steady”, Mistress Amara is able to completely consume the minds of her submissives through absolute control. As a brute and honest femme Goddess, the Mistress deserves anything and everything she asks of you.


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Mistress amara

Week of   11/29 to 12/05

  • Tuesday 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday 5:30 pm - 1:30 am
  • Thursday 7:00 pm - 12:00 pm
  • Saturday 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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6 Review for "mistress AMARA"

  • Reviewed by Shawn

    Amara joined my session, and her facesitting felt great, I definitely want more. Worshipping her feet was such a delight.

  • Reviewed by Sub Michael

    Mistress Amara is the total package for a dominant woman. She has a very sexy body & strong mistress skills. Bubble butt, thick thighs all with nice baby meat. She knows how to listen & understand her slaves. Captivating face & Beautiful soft feet. Hot as hell all around!

  • Reviewed by Jayden

    Mistress Amara, when you first meet her, you realize that she is a very intelligent, very powerful woman who sees you as nothing but beneath her! Though I sessioned with Flora, I was very happy to see her make an appearance to join the degradation party! She is the type of cutie that you'd never expect to conquer you so badly and drive you to pathetic little slave tears! She was VERY into it and I could see she and the other girls were enjoying it to the fullest! It makes me happy only to make them happy! Next time we play, I have a Nerd girl scenario I think she will love!

  • Reviewed by Michael

    Had a follow up session with her couldn’t resist. She’s ridiculous. She has the quintessential body type curves in all the right areas. If I had to describe my perfect wife (looks wise); it be her. I also had an asst- Flora make a cameo. That tandem is game changing! Unforgettable and addicting experience.

  • Reviewed by Mike

    Idk where to start! Perfect balance of making u her slave, and also keeping in mind boundaries and making sure u are still ok! Definitely recommend! Waaaaay more beautiful in person

  • Reviewed by Michael

    Tantalizing session like no other. Don’t know where she came from but damn pls stay! She said she’s fairly new but you can throw that info out the window; she’s experienced and will provide you with a life changing session. Out of all the mistresses I’ve sessioned with I’m going to have to rank her #1 ALL-TIME!

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