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Mistress Shayla is a sarcastic, sadistic, slender blonde, who dominates her slaves completely. Don't let her sweet-as-pie personality fool you, she will bring you to your knees through brutal humiliation and torture

all with a devious smile on her face.�

Those she deems weak or undeserving will weep and beg for mercy.�

Mistress Shayla loves impact play, bondage (rope and leather restraints), all forms of CBT (her favorite!), trampling, wrestling, shoe/foot worship, medical play, and human furniture/human ashtray sessions. Mistress Shayla is also a strict, yet loving Mommy type for AB/DL babies.�

I delight in seeing you in pain. I will laugh while you struggle.


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Mistress shayla

Week of   01/15 to 01/21

  • Tuesday 10:30 am - 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday 10:30 am - 6:30 pm
  • Sunday 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

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6 Review for "mistress SHAYLA"

  • Reviewed by Chris

    Don't mess with Texas. Defiantly a knockout. Very good at what she does.

  • Reviewed by Robonknees

    Dear Mistress Shayla, I am on the way to meet you. My excitement is real & intense. My nipples anticipate Your attention they ache for Your touch And Your torture. I am mentally set for total surrender to your will and pleasure. Greatest happiness is in YOUR pleasure. On my knees rob

  • Reviewed by Mark

    Dear Mistress Shayla, I truly enjoyed our session and my girlfriend will be very pleased with the patterns you left all over my body. You're a real beauty , a skilled domme and a true sadist - a rare combination with gift to make me crave for more and more. I wish we'd have spent even more time - I truly enjoyed satisfying your sadistic cravings and I'm (or perhaps we are) looking forward to seeing you next time in the city.

  • Reviewed by Cam

    I bonded with Mistress Shayla instantly. Although the punishments were intense, as I requested, I felt an incredible closeness with her throughout the entire session including a deeply satisfying period of afterglow. Mistrees is, at one and the same time, sweet and feminine, yet strict and very much in control. Not to mention how beautiful she is and what a rockin body she has. Its now a full day after our session and I still feel very much under her spell. What more could a romantic pathetic worm hope for?

  • Reviewed by Alan

    Shayla extremely beautiful.i only will see her,she has me thinking about her day and night

  • Reviewed by jeff

    Shayla is freaky and hot as hell. She loved forcing me to drink and I cannot wait to see her again! Very open minded fun personality!


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