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Fall under intoxicating enchantment and bow down to Mistress Lilith! Despite her seductive & playful demeanor

, do not be fooled. Worship her powerful essence or prepare to withstand the wrath of a goddess. Lilith does not shy away from delivering pain and experimenting with sensations;

She enjoys CBT, flogging, petplay, light bondage, body/foot worship & waxplay.

This temptress loves to tease & deny, bringing any submissive to their knees.

She delivers her light touch only to those she deems truly worthy.

Mistress Lilith is the Mother of the Night, here to awaken your hidden fantasies and have you spellbound in tantalizing ecstasy!


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Mistress lilith

Week of   04/16 to 04/22

  • Monday 5:30 pm - 1:30 am
  • Thursday 5:30 pm - 1:30 am

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3 Review for "mistress LILITH"

  • Reviewed by

    On the professional, personal, and kink side Mistress Lilith does an excellent job. Mistress made our time well worth it. Mistress was very accommodating to my needs. I did three scenes with Mistress. Each scene was special, unique and tailored to my request. Especially considering what I needed in each scene was very different. I'm a very worry worry plan plan plan type of person. Mistress lilith took control, eased, and dominated me so spectacularly. Upon meeting Mistress Lilith I was very anxious. Leaving I felt absolutly wonderful. Despite Misstres's profile pic she can also be extremely nurturing and loving if you are looking for that. Either way she is certainly a dominant no question about that. And I am looking forward to each and every scene with her. Mistress Lilith certainly a goddess will shape me into the perfect little submissive.

  • Reviewed by Onurb

    I simply can't get enough of Mistress Lilith. She is everything one would expect her to be and more. All that is woman; ravishing, sumptuous, sensationally sensual and erotic while delivering that dominating approach of a woman who knows who she is and what she wants - and gets it. Don't let her jaw dropping good looks and gorgeous eyes play tricks on you, she is just as sharp as she is stunning, and is sure to keep you on your toes. She has an aura about her that emanates an immediate feeling of comfort, and her touch is sure to leave you tantalized and begging for more - which she will gladly oblige, should she deem you worthy enough. Needless to say, I'll be coming back. Until we meet again my Queen.

  • Reviewed by Ted

    Mistress Lilith is a regal, sensual goddess that seduced me without saying a single word, she hypnotized me into submission with her stare and when she whispered in my ear I sank to my knees...


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